For the month of February, Christian Leaders Ministries is offering 25% off on all one-time degree administrative fee payments, the college application fee, degree administrative fee payoffs, and College certificates and diplomas! Also, all Pool of Bethesda Scholarship sponsorship donations will be matched!

The coupon code is COLLEGEDISCOUNT2020. The coupon will work starting February 1, 2020, and will end on February 29, 2020.

How to purchase credentials with the coupon code:

If you're looking to purchase Christian Leaders College Credentials (Certificates or Diplomas), go to your Guidance and Credential Panel, which is on your “My Home” page in your student portal. On there you will see the credentials you have earned "lit up;" click on the credential you want to purchase and select “Order.” Then, at checkout, enter coupon code COLLEGEDISCOUNT2020 into the coupon code box and click on apply (see picture below).

Interested in a Degree Program? Select the type of College payment you would like to make

Please note that you need to be accepted into the Christian Leaders College by completing the College Admissions class before you can earn College credentials or become enrolled into a Degree Program.
Here is a link to the College Admissions class if you are interested in this opportunity. Keep in mind, you must be logged in to your student account for this link to work.

want to make that dream of a Degree possible for a student who cannot afford the degree cost?

Christian Leaders Institute offers a scholarship program for students called the Pool of Bethesda Scholarship Program. Any gifts made towards the Pool of Bethesda Scholarship Program during the month of February will be matched! The cost to cover a degree scholarship for a student is $1,000. For every $500 given, it will be matched with $500, which will provide one student with that Scholarship!

Would you like to make a degree payoff?

To make a degree payoff or learn your remaining balance, fill out the form below. You will then be contacted with your remaining balance and a link to make your payoff.