Credential Changes

Awards That Are Going To Be Removed

  1. Apprentice Bible Ministry Award
  2. Apprentice Continuing Ministry Award
  3. Apprentice Marriage Ministry
  4. Apprentice Chaplaincy Ministry Award
  5. Apprentice Church Ministry Award
  6. Apprentice Evangelism Ministry Award
  7. Apprentice Worship Ministry Award
  8. Deacon Ministry Award
  9. Teaching Ministry
  10. Apprentice Continuing Ministry Award
  11. Leadership/Elder Ministry Award
  12. Apprentice Women’s Ministry Award
  13. Apprentice Church Planting Ministry
  14. Old Testament Bible Teaching 
  15. New Testament Bible Teaching
  16. Apprentice Workplace Award
  17. Intermediate Workplace Ministry Award
  18. Intermediate Plus Enterprise Business Award
  19. Ministry Basic Award (under Restorative Justice)
  20. Business Award (under Restorative Justice)
  21. Biblical Studies Award (under Restorative Justice)
  22. Basic Bible Study Leader

Credentials That Are Going To Be Added Or Modified

  1. Add Influencer course and Multiplying Disciples (2 credits) course to People Ministry Award 
  2. Add Intermediate Biblical Greek Award requiring Christian Leaders Connections (3 credits), Christian Basics (3 credits), Old Testament Survey (3 credits) and New Testament Survey (3 credits), Biblical Interpretation I (4 credits), Biblical Interpretation II (4 credits), Hermeneutics and Exegesis (3 credits), Biblical Greek 1 (4 credits), Biblical Greek 2 (4 credits), and Biblical Greek 3 (4 credits).

  3. Intermediate Bible Award will be changed in the following way: remove People Smart for Ministry (3 credits), Church & Ministry (3 credits), Pastoral Care & Marriage (3 credits) and Sermon Construction and Presentation (4 credits); replace with requirements of Biblical Wisdom (4 credits), Book of Acts (3 credits), Old Testament Story of Redemption (3 credits), and Old Testament Literature, History and Theology (3 credits)

  4. Basic Evangelist Award will be moved to the Basic category and will have Leadership (3 credits) replaced with Evangelism: Presenting Grace (3 credits)

  5. Add Domestic Tranquility (3 credits) to Family Restoration Award requirements under Restorative Justice

  6. Add Christian Ethics (3 credits), Multiplying Disciples (2 credits) and Influence Smart (1 credit) to Intermediate Christian Leaders Award

  7. Require Total Fitness (3 credits)  and Communications 101 (3 credits) for Restored Life Award under Restorative Justice

  8. Prevent new enrollments into Associate of Workplace Ministry and Bachelor of Workplace Ministry, and Associate in Christian Living and Bachelor in Christian Living.

  9. Life Coach Awards have been removed; Badges and Certification are still available.