Church Planting Program with Ordination (if needed) and Action Class

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Church Planting Program

Are you looking for a church planting program that combines high-quality training with ordination options if you need to be ordained? A typical church planter program is either too little training or way to0 much training. Christian Leaders Institute seeks to give you everything you need to be prepared to start a new church.

Church planters have been ordained to ministry since the New Testament era. At Christian Leaders Institute, we offer you the training to plant a church and a church planter ordination designation.  If you already are ordained at Joseph-Musilathe Christian Leaders Ordination level, you do not have to be ordained again as a Church Planter. This church planting program is rigorous but certainly doable!

If you are not already ordained through the Christian Leaders Institute Ordination, these classes will guide you through the process to be ordained as a church planter. This church planting program needed training concluding in a church planting action class that actually takes you through the process, step by step, of planting a church. You will be tested to see if you are a church planter. You will find out if people see you as a Church Planter. Planting a church is hard work.

The Church Planter Ordination is open to men or women and includes Qualifications, Competence, Verification, and Calling. You also need three endorsers. (You are allowed to use your previous endorsers if ordained at the officiant or women in ministry ordination.  After you are ordained, or you have an arrangement with another ordained authority, you will receive a call from Christian Leaders Alliance to plant a new church.

If you are ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance, you name will appear in the Christian Leaders Ordination directory for your credibility.

Qualifications: The qualifications for the Church Planter Ordination are those of a ministry deacon found in 1 Timothy 3:8-13.

Competence: Twenty-Four Credits of Training

Getting Started: Christian Leaders Basics Certificate (7 Credits)
Church and Ministry (3 Credits)
People Smart in Ministry (3 Credits)
Sermon Construction and Presentation (4 Credits)
Church Planting (4 Credits)
Church Planting Action Class & Ordination (3 Credit)
Total: 24 Credits

Professors Henry Reyenga Jr. and Ben Ingebretson with Partnering Resources provided by Multiplication Network Ministry

We have a partnership with Multiplication Network Ministries. Christian Leaders Institute is pleased to promote their material and practices in planting mentor supporting church plants everywhere.

Ben Ingebretson is a consultant, trainer, and coach serving multiple denominations and churches. An experienced church planter and parent church leader, he has led in church planting for over 15 years in regional and national levels in the United States. He developed systems and best practice training for church planters and parent congregations. He has coached and supervised church planters in urban, rural and suburban setting and currently focuses his energy on immigrant church planting.

Ben is the author of Multiplication Moves: A field guide for churches planting churches and of Parent Church Landmines. Ben is also a leader of revitalizations for churches working with pastors and leaders to help them more effectively transform their communities.  Ben holds an M.Div degree from Bethel Seminary, St.Paul, and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Norwich University.  He lives in Michigan with his family where he enjoys four seasons and diverse relationships.

   No Risk. No Money. High-Quality Classes. Study At Your Own Pace.