Christian Ministry - Lorraine Richardson of USA

Christian Ministry – Lorraine is involved in Christian Ministry in her state of Georgia. She shares about her walk and journey to Christ and passion for Christian Ministry.

“My name is Lorraine Richardson I am an ordained Pastor in Snellville Ga. Working in the Christian ministry here in Georgia is very challenging. There are many Christian Ministries and Churches here. Finding just the right place and the right leader with knowledge of biblical training through the Word of God made me want to follow God and His teaching even the more.

I came to know the Lord by being lead through an Apostle that was anointed in the things of God. His dedication and commitment inspired me to want a closer walk with the Lord. Always encouraging me and teaching me to hear the voice of the Lord and completing the journey with a Christian Ministry that God had planned for my life.  With many trails and struggles God developed in me my Christian ministry, the dream of helping those who have fallen away from the Lord and need direction on not just getting back on the right path with the Him, but also in life.”

Lorraine has a specific Christian Ministry that she wants to start.

“My desire is to have a Christian Ministry through transitional housing to help people regain their dignity and know that with every wrong decision in life with Christ all things are possible. My goal is to bring people to a place in life that says they too are important. Giving them an opportunity to stay off the streets of Georgia and learn how to manage themselves with good choices through the word of God and Godly counsel.”

Christian Leaders Institute helps many people with their Christian Ministry.

“As a strong supporter of Christian Leadership Institute, I believe you will be excited about an opportunity to encourage growth in Biblical teaching for their Christian Ministry. Its also a way to help assure that high caliber Spiritual training will be available for all walks of Life. At the same time, this opportunity allows all of us to say “Thank You – Job Well Done!” to those who are on the “front lines” of the churches for so many families in our state.

By partnering with Christian Leadership Institute and member agencies will make this school a successful tribute to Church leaders and a positive step toward reversing the decline in the number of partipants in Christian Ministry. While I have a small body of Christ to shepherd at this time, A scholarship from CLI  will not only help me financially to be a better leader to the flock, but enables me to meet Christians all over the world for fellowship and strength to stay on the “job”.

Please continue to pray for God’s Greater Works ministry for God’s guidance to fulfill our vision and to help others to fulfill their dreams.

God Bless,

Lorraine Richardson”

Lorraine has finished the Christian Basics Certificate. She continues to advance her training for her Christian Ministry thanks to generous donors of Christian Leaders Institute.

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