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Become a Silver Vision Partner

In the United States, the cost of a family going out to eat is between $25-$45. For 25-45 dollars, you can become a Silver Vision Partner and give free higher education for those who desperately need Christian leaders training.

A significant number of CLI students and graduates have signed up to be Silver Vision Partners.

Make a difference by supporting ministry training! You may cancel your Silver Vision Partner membership at any time. Our webstore is secure for your safety and security

Receive Premium Arabica coffee each month and support free Ministry training as the same time!  Cancel your subscription at any time. (Shipping is Additional)

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Silver Vision Partner Impact

At the Christian Leaders Institute, it is all about reaching more people with learning opportunities. At the Silver Vision Partner level, you are making a significant impact!

  • $40 Covers Your CLI Studies and 23 Others!
  • $35 Covers Your CLI Studies and 20 Others!
  • $25 Covers Your CLI Studies and 14 Others!
  • *Each Month Of Giving Provides A Whole Year Of A Students Studies At CLI!

Thank You benefits

We are so grateful to our vision partners. Your sacrificial gifts are making such a difference. We want to make it a joy to give and experience blessings along your educational journey! Here are the “thank you” benefits for participating as a Silver Vision Partner:

  • Free CLI Student Identification (not including postage)
  • Free Christian Leaders Institute Pin (not including postage)
  • 35% off coupon for Ordination fees (not including postage)
  • Free Embossed Christian Leaders Connection Award (not including postage)
  • Two Additional free embossed Christian Leaders Award based upon earned study completion per year
  • $250 off a Degree Program Coupon
  • Free Christian Leaders Institute Cap (Not including postage)
  • $75 Collegiate Credential Course Coupon
  • More