Ordained Senior Pastor

Ordained Senior Pastor

My name is Marcus St.Julien and I am called to be an ordained Senior Pastor. I currently reside in Woodbridge, Virginia, which is less than an hour outside of Washington D.C. I’m a 25-year-old Worship Director. I am married to my beautiful wife Patience and we’ve been married for almost three years. We currently have a son and we have a daughter on the way. I’m the product of a family full of pastors, ministers, and teachers. It has been my foundation since birth to be surrounded by the Gospel. I have a degree in Audio Engineering and Music Business which I still use in ministry with Worship. Both my wife and I are currently in full-time ministry. I’ve been in full-time ministry for the last six years and love every second of it.

I’m going to use the training I receive at Christian Leaders Institute to continue to further my walk into ministry. I’m scheduled to become the ordained Senior Pastor of my family church within the next two years and I want to be equipped and prepared on the side of Biblical study and sound doctrine. I’m looking to be equipped with all the necessary tools to be an effective leader in the body of Christ.

This scholarship will help me by making all of the tools available at a minimal to no cost. Being in full-time ministry is a sacrifice which makes it hard to be able to afford many of the for-pay programs. It’s also a great help with scheduling due to having a family and a ministry. It’s awesome to be able to access Chrisitan Leaders Institute at any time and anywhere.

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Bible School Scholarship

Bible School Scholarship

My name is Jennifer Siacunco and I am excited to receive this Bible School scholarship from Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in Hawaii on April 26, 1979, but I grew up in the Philippines for almost 17 years. I came back to the United States when I was 17 years old. My grandparents have been my model from a young age. My aunt encouraged us to attend Summer Church Kid’s Camp. My two sisters and I went to the camp since we were about in fourth grade and went to many youth camps. I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior during the camp. I loved the youth camp in the Philippines. We were surrounded by Godly role models who encouraged us in our relationship with God.

I came back to the United States with my sister seeking the American dream. I was preoccupied with work, and I was impatient about money, physical gratification, etc. The world that I lived in was full of distractions and pleasures that pulled me away from my spiritual life. I love to travel a lot. When I went to California one time, I stayed in my room and I found myself feeling empty. I opened my Bible and read. These verses stood out to me: Mark 8:36 “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Also, Revelation 2:4 “But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.” I realized, only a connection to God can provide the ultimate peace. Since God is love, He is the ultimate source of nourishment for my soul. I have to seek Him. Mathew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I am in love with God. My pastor at my church and my brothers and sisters in the church, my father-in-law, and my husband have been a source of spiritual inspiration. I am enjoying my singing ministry at church and our every Wednesday discipleship training and every Tuesday and Thursday Bible study.

I have enrolled at this beautiful Christian Leaders Institute with my Bible School scholarship. I pray that I will fulfill what God entrusted me as I receive ministry training at CLI.

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Ministry Prepared

Ministry Prepared

My name is Estelle Herbst and I live in Pietermaritzburg which is located in South Africa in Kwa Zulu Natal. I am the last of three children. My parents went to church when I was younger. But later on, they did not enjoy church anymore so since high school I stopped going as well. I got married when I was 27 years old. God has blessed me with three boys, ages 12,9,4. Last year, I was very depressed and went to a local church here. That church is where God touched me. All depression has left and our lives have changed drastically. I am blessed to have a husband that also found God’s love as I am seeking to be ministry prepared.

My whole life, I knew I needed to do something, and now I know it is to serve the Lord. I have made my decision to be ministry prepared so I may truly serve the Lord wherever He may lead me. And I have the urge to let all other people know how good and fulfilling it is to serve our Heavenly Father.

I currently serve in our church as a leader in connecting groups and in kid’s church. I am pursuing this Christian Leaders Institue Ministry course for my own spiritual benefit, to strengthen my relationship with the Lord, and to help me be ministry prepared. My prayer is that I will be ready and equipped for whatever the Lord wants for me to do and that I will forever walk close to Him and be in His perfect will. I also pray that God will make clear to me the plans He has for my life as I become ministry prepared for Him.

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Youth Ministry Calling

Youth Ministry Calling

My name is Josue De Lucas and I am currently serving the Lord in America. I am truly blessed and thankful to be able to publicly share the word, be able to practice what I have been taught and be open about my faith. I will forever be thankful for that as I follow a youth ministry calling on my life.

I was born and raised in a Christian family by the grace of God. Though the influence was around me, I never did believe in God, I only knew of/about him. It wasn’t until I was at the age of 16 when the Lord spoke to me, and I felt a heavy/unrelenting feeling to accept him in my heart. Before I accepted him as my Savior, I was very rebellious. At a very young age, I got myself involved with drugs, gangs, and alcohol. I felt rejected by everyone around me and whatever thoughts that are possible, I thought them (mostly bad). Life was not hard for me, though I made it hard for myself because of my bad decisions, relationships, romantic relationships, etc.

My favorite part of telling people how I came to meet the Lord is almost funny. At the time, I had a girlfriend who was talking to a boy that attended the local youth group and I found out where and when this was. Of course, I had the intent to hurt him. I attended the service and the entire time I was waiting for the time it would end to “jump” him but I noticed the entire crowd was laughing. I was upset, I was sad, I was bitter, I wanted to know what everyone was laughing at because I needed to smile. The pastor who was speaking had a gift of being comical. He was very funny and I enjoyed listening to him. Right after he got my attention, he mentioned “Heaven” and “Hell”. He spoke the truth that those who don’t have Jesus don’t receive eternal life, and that is scary! I was tired, I was at my wit’s end. I ended up accepting Jesus in my heart and had my burdens lifted, I forgave that boy who now is one of my close church friends. It’s funny, isn’t it?

My youth ministry calling and dream is to help those who were in my position, young, afraid, tired, unwilling to live. I have a gravitation towards the youth because I’m still very young myself, I am 22 years of age. I can empathize and sympathize with them and want them to have somewhere to go in the time of need.

I have a desire to be a youth leader and my time of attending Christian Leaders Institute has greatly revealed to me the characteristics of one who is called by God to serve. I cannot neglect that feeling and confirmation in my heart. My walk with God has been better with the help of this ministry. Certain topics that needed to be addressed in my life were talked about here in detail and I couldn’t be more excited for doors to be opened (and closed if it’s His will).

Being a worship leader not too long after I was saved was one of those things that carved its way into my heart, it inspired me. At first, it wasn’t ideal, but then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I got the chance to lead a message one day in a small group, and though there wasn’t much, a person was surprised that they not only understood what I said, but they related with God’s word.

My church has recently stopped its youth ministry program and this disappointing to me as I follow my youth ministry calling. Christian Leaders Institute is important to me because of the genuine, quality, and upfront way of teaching which is crucial in not only my life but those who pursue leaving their comfort zones for Christ.

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Street Evangelist

Street Evangelist

My name is Ryan Grove. I am 33 years old and live in Maryland, USA, with my beautiful wife Danielle and our 4 children (ages 12, 9, 8, and 6; one of which was adopted last year). We are also foster parents to 2 other children. I am a plumber/pipefitter by trade and feel called to be a street evangelist.

I didn’t grow up in church. I can remember in elementary school going to a Vacation Bible School near us but other than that, we did not attend church or really talk about God. As a teenager, a friend invited me to a church overnighter where I met a girl and suddenly became interested in church mostly because of the girl (she later would become my wife). One evening, an evangelist by the name of Brian Beverly came and spoke. He gave the message of the Gospel and I responded. But I eventually stopped dating the girl and going to church. I went right back to living as if I wasn’t born again. But God had planted that seed. Later at around age 22, I heard a message by Bruce Wilkinson at an event in Cincinnati, Ohio. I felt the overwhelming presence of God and rededicated my life to him that day.

I have a passion for men’s ministry and evangelism. I’d like to start some sort of ministry in the construction field and/or street evangelist. I really feel a calling in these areas. I have been passive about my faith until a few years ago and I really feel God leading me toward relying on the Holy Spirit and a continual dying to self.

This first Christian Leaders Institute class has given me a clarity for the importance of daily devotion that I’ve been missing. It has confirmed my need for discipline in communicating with God. I realize my shortcomings and the joy that the cross has brought to my life. That gives me the hope and the desire to reach others for Christ! The Bible has taught me that we all fall short and that we are each headed for eternal punishment but that God sent His son to die in place of us if we repent and trust in Jesus. I’m so thankful for that message and am passionate about sharing it with others.

I’m thankful for the men in my church who have walked alongside me, mentored me and continue to do so. I’m looking forward to my training at CLI and the time and money that it will save from traditional ministry training. Having six kids and all of them in sports is time consuming so the availability of this training right on my phone is a huge blessing. Please pray that I continue to be disciplined in my walk and my studies so that through my relationship with Christ, I can reach out to others with the hope of repentance and faith!

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Pastor Ordination Dream

Pastor Ordination

I am Trevor Withers and I am called to receive pastor ordination. I grew up in Ontario, Canada. I was raised in the small village of Athens, Ontario, with a population of 1000 people. Growing up in such a small community shaped the way that I would grow and mature as a person and as a Christian. While I was in high school, however, I got the urge to leave my small grassroots behind and discover something bigger and better. God led my attention to Calgary, Alberta, to the school called Ambrose University. After moving here and finding a church, I met my wife.

Canada has its challenges in terms of ministry opportunities. It is true that we have freedom of religion and, for the most part, you would not be openly persecuted for your faith. However, because of this “freedom” people have become apathetic and unresponsive to the gospel. Therefore, it is challenging to minister to people who genuinely do not care about what you say. But it is not impossible, as all things are possible through Christ who gives me strength (Phil 4:13).

I became a Christian when I was 14 after watching the movie called Soul Surfer. In the film, Bethany Hamilton, who is a professional surfer, survives a shark attack and loses her left arm. She struggles to learn how to surf again and even why God would do something like this to her. This movie inspired me, even as it inspired millions of other people, to want to be used by God. A few years after this event God called me into the ministry.

My ministry dream is to be a pastor of a church after receiving pastor ordination. I believe that God will reveal to me how and where I will serve at the appropriate time. My wife and I also have the desire to be involved in family ministry.

This first Christian Leaders Institute class has helped me to refocus my attention on God. The act of learning is something that is important to the growth of us humans. Without it, we become stagnant. Just the other day, I was in a Christian bookstore and they were handing out free, miniature crosses. I felt an urge to take one. Later that day, God pointed out a person that I should give it to. I could share with that person that God loved them and I gave them the cross. I was only able to hear God’s voice in this because of the way this class has gotten me in spiritual shape.

As I alluded earlier I feel called to receive pastor ordination. Specifically, I feel very called to share the gospel with people who are seeking it out and want to know more. I feel that I am someone who could get to know a person, build a relationship with them, and be used to lead them to know the one true King, Jesus.

My local church was instrumental in directing me into the ministry. When I first received my call, I went to my mentors at the time and asked them if they could see me pursuing a life in the ministry. All of them were very confident in my calling, that it was from God and fit what they saw in me. Without their support, I don’t think that I would still be pursuing the ministry today.

Without the scholarship at CLI, I would not be able to complete my ministry training. I tried traditional ministry education for two years, and all I accomplished was acquiring a hefty sum of debt. Now that I have a wife, I do not have the money to be able to go to school and support my wife. I desperately want to get my degree and pastor ordination. Without CLI, I do not think that it would be possible. Please pray for me as I continue down this journey at CLI. I will need focus and diligence to complete and do well in my courses.

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Youth Pastor Ordination

Youth Pastor Ordination

My name is Jessica Rogers. I am a 33-year-old living in Mesa, Arizona, and I have a call to youth pastor ordination. I moved to the sunny state of Arizona seven years ago from Seattle, Washington. My mother passed away when I was three years old, and my father raised me on his own. He did not believe in God or have any faith, so I was not exposed to that as a young child. While growing up in a small town, I was introduced to Jesus as a teenager. I was invited to attend youth group with friends and loved every second of it. I was baptized at age 16 after an amazing weekend retreat. As the years went on, I continued to believe but my relationship with God faded as I chose alcohol and friends over Him.

After needing what I thought would be a fresh start, I packed up my bags and moved to Arizona, only knowing a few people. I shortly met my husband and we were married three years later. We attended a very large church every few months but did not get involved or attend regularly. We were introduced to a newer church in our neighborhood and decided to check it out. It was a small church with just a single service. One week of attendance turned into two, then three and so on. Eventually, we found ourselves making a consistent habit of attending. We met so many great and loving friends there that we immersed ourselves. I began teaching toddlers in the kid’s service, and my husband would greet and set up signs. He now coaches the men’s softball team as well.

My ministry dream is to teach and raise up the next generation of strong Christ-loving Christians. Having taught children for a year now, it has helped me grow stronger in my walk with God. I can’t wait every week to pass on the knowledge I am gaining to the children in our church.

This first Christian Leaders Institute class has strengthened my Bible connection. It has also increased my walk with God as it has given me great tools for devotions. It has also reminded me of the importance of family devotions. I identify strongly with Youth Pastor as my dream is to lead a group of kids in their walk with God.

The key experience in my life that prompted me to pursue youth pastor ordination is the wonderful experience I have had teaching lessons every Sunday. It also gives me great joy to see others grow in their faith while committing their time to serving. Our church has supported both me and my husband in continuing to pursue the ministry. It has given both encouragement and mentorship.

The scholarship is important to me and my family as we are in the process of becoming licensed foster parents. The time and financial commitment to do this has not allowed me to achieve my spiritual dreams of ministry training and youth pastor ordination until now. Please pray that I will see my spiritual dream of my family and I continuing to grow in our walk with God.

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Online Bible School Scholarship

Online Bible School Scholarship

Hi, my name is Rebecca Santellan and I am married to Jaime. We have ten children together which include his, mine, and adopted, our youngest is 2 years old. We now have eight grandchildren with more to come. We live in Michigan and have lived here most of our lives. I love spending daily time with God, reading, learning, and kayaking. I am an EMT with a criminal justice educational background. I have put in many long days volunteering with the American Red Cross for medical events. I have recently found CLI’s online Bible School scholarship and am excited to continue my education.

Although I grew up in a home where both parents worked in ministry, they did not show me how to live for God and have a walk with God. By the time I was a young teen, I was a heroin addict and alcoholic but got clean after getting pregnant at eighteen. I relapsed with alcohol two years ago and have been on a journey of inner healing since then. I have been a Christian since a young adult but did not truly know a personal relationship with Him until the last six months.

I have recently felt a calling on my life to work with teens and young ladies who have had hard journeys to walk. The church which I have attended in my recovery along with a step study is launching a group for teens. I am going to be a leader for high school girls that have gone through hurts, habits, and hang-ups. I am so excited that God can use my past hurts, abuse, and addictions to help others.

Since I love learning and have not retained a lot of information on the Bible, I thought it would be a good idea to educate myself. I am not sure where God is leading me, but where ever it is, Bible knowledge and sound doctrine will be very helpful. There is no way I would have been able to do this without a Christian Leaders Institute Bible School scholarship that offers free ministry training. I am a stay at home mom that works many hours outside the home. However, those hours are either volunteer, time I have spent on my healing, or time I have put in to help others on their path to recovery along with their relationship with God. I do not have an income with any of these but I do know this is where I am called to be so with that, I trust God to supply all our needs and this online Bible School Scholarship program is one of them.

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Small Group Minister

Small Group Minister

My name is Richard Connelly and I feel called to be a small group minister. I am blessed to live in the United States where you can minister to people without getting persecuted for trying to spread God’s word. It is a place where you sometimes have trouble witnessing to people because many have strayed from the word of God. But with persistence, you can accomplish the goal of reaching those who want to listen.

I came to know God at a young age. I went to Catholic school until the sixth grade then moved on to public school. I strayed from the Lord until I met my wife and we both gave our hearts back to serve the Lord. We both wanted to rekindle that relationship we had with God like when we were both growing up.

My ministry dream would be to start teaching Sunday school and Wednesday evening service. I feel I need to start a little at a time. I have a passion to reach out and teach others about the word of God. My dream would be able to one day deliver the Sunday message and also be a small group minister. I would like to be able to have the knowledge to go out into the streets and win souls over to God. I would like to start and lead a small group gathering with people who are not comfortable going to a formal church setting. I would like to lead as a small group minister.

Taking this class has strengthened me by giving me the knowledge and courage to pursue my calling and to teach and witness to people. The class has also renewed my connection with God by challenging me to dig more into the Word of God to get a better meaning and be able to use that teaching later when sharing with others.

The word that I identify with is an evangelist and small group leader. I would love to preach the word of God to others but I would also like to teach on a personal level in a small group setting. The person that prompted or encouraged me to pursue my ministry goals is my Pastor. He is a great teacher who likes to push people out of their comfort zone and encourage them to find their calling.

For me connecting with the Bible has brought about a better attitude and discipline for study. It has a great impact on raising my family in a Christian manner and belief system. My local church is very supportive of my ministry. They have given me encouragement and also are holding me accountable to do the best I can do. The pastor is always available if I need help or mentoring while I am pursuing my goal as a leader. They also allow me to do small group studies to get me over the fear of leading a group or saying the wrong words in front of a group of people.

The scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute is important because I cannot afford to go to a seminary or college. CLI makes it possible to get the training and certificates needed to show my education. CLI also gives the training needed to move ahead with my goal of starting my ministry.

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Revival Minister Calling

Revival Minister Calling

My name is Phil, and I live in Northern Ireland. I am seeking to follow a revival minister calling that God has placed on my life. In this country, the ministry can be quite a mixed experience. Some churches are strongly Evangelical and revival focused. However, many others are dwindling without the commitment of the congregations or the resources from the denominations.

My dream in ministry is to serve as a pastor in underprivileged and under resourced churches. I desire to bring about revival through the word of God. The main challenge that I have before me is how difficult it is to pursue a revival minister calling within my denomination. It is a long process with no guarantees of receiving a church position.

I have been a Christian since a young age. But I struggled due to a difficult upbringing in a church that considered itself to have the monopoly on Biblical truth and all other churches to be heretical. Once I realised this was not the case, I recommitted my life to Christ. And, having graduated from university, I began to feel a strong calling on my life towards ministry. I have attempted to pursue that revival minister calling since then. My hope is that ministry training with Christian Leaders Institute will empower me to finally realise this calling as I grow in my walk with God and in the knowledge of Christ.

Please pray that the leaders in my church would recognise and confirm the calling that I have received and that I would be able to take the next steps towards it. Thank you for providing this ministry training for me and others who have God’s calling in their life. Christian Leaders Institute is an answer to prayer.

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Youth Minister Calling

Youth Minister Calling

My name is Alicia and I am located in the USA. I grew up in a Lutheran church school, which is where my basic knowledge began. It was in my teenage years where I learned the importance of serving God in prayer and worship. It was in my early adulthood that I found how important it was to be fully saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit. These spiritual bridges were built through a variety of people. Parents, classmates, family, and others. Someone told me before that I had a youth minister calling and was meant to do more for others. However, back then I didn’t see it. My second and third confirmation came after 10 years of trials and tribulations. I always saw myself as a worshipper only, but now I understand that my life, testimony, and knowledge are meant to be shared in order to fulfill God’s greater purpose.

The course has given me the Biblical fundamentals I wanted to learn. Some of the units have spoken to me personally regarding family and what is needed to make a family function in Christ. At this time, my ministry focus is on the youth. I know there is a major gap with my generation in seeking Christ. I want to make sure that the gap is filled here in my community, which is in great need of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. That is why I am following my youth minister calling as I study here at Christian Leaders Institute.

There are so many experiences that have prompted me to pursue ministry. I believe my hard times triggered a major turn around in my life. I sought Christ more and began to receive blessings. My journey has made me stronger in the Lord and it has been evident that it is time to pay it forward.

Poverty, lack of education, drugs, gang violence, corruption, and everything that is destructive is a challenge. Here at home, my community is one where worldly distractions have consumed people and their thoughts. People forget to pray and go to church. Our leaders within in the community have also failed us. They have fallen victim to selfishness and their own desires. They work against those in need and it’s heartbreaking.

My church is actually the force that has encouraged me to keep working toward ordination. I have a supportive pastor and many of people who care and encourage me in my walk of faith. The scholarship is important because I can’t afford to go to a pay school. I have a large family and a big heart for ministry. Please pray for strength and success in my ministry endeavors.

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House Church Ministry

House Church Ministry

I am currently living in Manitoba, Canada. The weather is different compared to our home country of the Philippines. Our ministry is more a house to house church where we are doing Bible Study and Fellowshipping. One of our visions is to establish a house church ministry that will reach out to and encourage the Filipino immigrants in our town. It is very challenging to start a ministry in our town as most people are busy with their own family and jobs.

I was baptized in the Catholic Church in the Philippines and at the age of 5, my parents accepted our Lord Jesus Christ in a local Baptist Church. I grew up in that church, came to know Jesus Christ and accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior. I was then baptized at the age of 14.

My ministry dream is to lead a house church ministry that will help Christians grow into a deeper relationship with God and evangelize the unbeliever in our area. Also, I would encourage my brethren to get a course in Christian Leaders Institute so that they can also determine their calling from God. One of my visions is God showing me a building where we are doing a Sunday Service with my family and brethren.

I learned from Christian Leaders Institute to connect practically with God. This strengthens my relationship with Him and encourages me in my roles as a husband and a father in my home. It transforms my relationship with my wife and kids by spending time reading the word of God in a very creative way together. CLI answered my prayer to become an effective servant of God. I am very confident in my calling that I would fulfill the house church ministry which God called me to do. I believe that I will be an effective Evangelist or Pastor because this is my heart’s desire. I am happy to share the Gospel to everyone and encourage people to live with faith.

Christians in our community are very small in numbers and most of them are Catholic. This ignites my passion for sharing the story of salvation and testimonies from God. As I commit my life to God, it gives me joy with confidence to win a soul because of the training I have in evangelism. Also, I observe that our community really needs a revival so that they will commit their lives to God.

Since our ministry is a house to house church. We are doing this ministry without a pastor because all of us come from different countries. And since there is no Filipino Christian Organization in our community when we moved to Canada, I believe as a deacon and a cell church leader in our church back in Saudi Arabia gives me an opportunity to be used by God to start a ministry. I believe that is one of the reasons why God sent me to Canada. My fire in my heart always reminds me that there is no excuse for not serving the Lord.

Every time I read the Bible especially with my morning devotion, it fills my heart full of joy. It empowers me from my weaknesses when I have struggles so that I can still focus on my everyday tasks. It shows a revelation on my daily needs. It gives me more confidence when I am in corporate prayer. It strengthens me in my work profession in the world. It reminds me of everything I need in my ministry. It gives me the courage to share the truth and allows me to be useful wherever I go.

One of my biggest dreams in our house church ministry is to serve God with my wife and kids. Also, to train my two kids and guide them so that at an early age, they will serve our God with passion. And, I want to share the JOY with my family in serving the Lord inside and outside the house.

Christian Leaders Institute offers their tremendous scholarship to help Christians to fulfill their calling and follow their spiritual dream in terms of time and money. CLI encourages believers to pursue their spiritual gifts and to be ready for the ministry. CLI gives opportunities for Christians who cannot afford to pay tuition and is flexible for those who are also working while studying at CLI. We will include them in our prayers and personally promote CLI.

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Prison Ministry Ordination

Prison Ministry Ordination

My name is Elliott Nichols and I live in the United States. I have been blessed to be married to my beautiful wife Rosemary for 32 years. Together we have raised three children and have six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. I am called to a prison ministry ordination.

I retired from the military after twenty years of service. I have been on a lot of missions overseas, and have had many duties for the Navy. Since my retirement, God has led me into Prison Ministry. Now I am assigned to another mission. My full-time duty is to be in the service of and be an active, productive Soldier for the Lord on the battlefield of Prison Ministry.

I had a desire to be more prepared spiritually and intellectually to support those in prison. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) has been highly integral in assisting me in my prison ministry ordination. The fact that I could have access to this superior quality Christian education for free is priceless. The quality of instructors and curriculum has been equal to any other prestigious theological school or seminary in the nation. The online curriculum has allowed me to complete this course in my own time even with a busy schedule.

I go into one prison and two jails in the San Diego, California area of the United States. When I go into the prison and jails, I get to see what God can do with a soul that desires and needs to be saved. They need someone to have enough love and compassion to walk with them as God works on them. I get to see what the Devil thought he had…be taken back. Jesus said in Mathew 25:36 that we should visit those who are imprisoned. We want to let them know that they are still loved and can be redeemed just like we can. Let them know that Jesus died and shed his blood for them. It is a humbling honor and privilege to be a witness to what the Lord can do with a broken soul.

Being ordained as a Chaplain is the culmination of my desire to be used by the Lord to go where I never thought I would go and to serve where I never thought I would serve. I initially thought I would bring those lost inmates Jesus. I found out quickly that Jesus is already there, has always been there, and He was preparing us mentally and spiritually to show up and do his work in that part of the vineyard. As I embark on my calling of being an Ordained Chaplain I am thoroughly cognizant of the awesome responsibility this entails. While knowing and understanding the seriousness of this responsibility of being ordained I unequivocally know it is God’s calling for me…and I am too scared not to answer the call.

The truth is I have been called to prison ministry ordination not because that is something I thought about doing. Not because I am so great and I needed to go to the prison to demonstrate that to others, brag about it and receive accolades. There are no cameras or phones recording my message in prison. No selfies are taken. As in most cases and with most people, it took a trial and tribulation that devastated me and overwhelmed my family and myself for the Lord to get my attention. Now I was not in charge. I did not have enough military rank, worldly or supernatural power. I was overwhelmed and driven to my knees. I had to call on the one who I was introduced to when I was young going to my grandmother’s church. I had to call on the name of JESUS to ask for help.

It took the incarceration of a family member to get me to call on the Lord like I never had before. The Lord told me in my spirit that He would watch out for my loved one but He called on me to do more for Him. Jesus paid it all and now he desired my payment of obedience. I can’t give Him anything else because He owns it all already. He made me aware of the fact that right in my area someone else has a son, a father, a grandson, a nephew, an uncle that is incarcerated just like my family. In alignment with Matthew 25:36 He wanted me to go see them. He wanted me to look them in the eye and say, “Jesus Loves You and there is nothing you could ever do to change that!” He wants me to encourage them like I would my own son. My favorite saying to them is, “Prayed Up, Head Up. Don’t walk around here like you don’t know Jesus!” It is the same thing I tell my son.

I am blessed immensely by the fact that my wife goes to the prison with me. Being involved in prison ministry has been cathartic for my wife and me. They look at her and see the compassion of a mother, sister, and aunt. When people ask me what going into the prison is like I say it is humbling. God is working miracles and changing hearts and minds in prison. He is building an army in prison and I am privileged to witness it.

In summary, this prison ministry ordination and indeed the whole CLI experience has provided me the requisite knowledge and foundation in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It enables me to be an excellent teacher, leader, and disciple maker in prison and where ever I go.
I humbly ask the CLI staff, students and anyone else reading my story to pray with me and for me. Pray that I take the gifts God has blessed me with and do his will and not mine. Pray that I always let him guide me. Pray that I always let his light shine in and through me. Pray that I always show love, always show compassion, always show forgiveness to others. Especially to those who are incarcerated and deemed unworthy of love by the outside world. My sincere blessings to you and yours.

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Small Group Leader

Small Group Leader

My name is Sarah and I currently live in the United States of America. Doing ministry in my country is much easier than in some other countries. Here in America, we have the freedom to practice whichever religion we believe in and to voice those beliefs. Our nation is falling further and further away from God and that is one reason that I know I am called to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to those in my country and serve as a small group leader.

I have known about the Lord ever since I was a little girl. I was raised in a church within walking distance of my house and attended this church until I was 18 years old. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was about 7 years old and I was baptized when I was 12 years old.

My ministry dream is to spread the word of God to all people. I want to be a light for God in their lives. I have lived a “mediocre” life for the past 24 years. I believed in God and did my best to live a “good” life when it was convenient for me, but I am now ready to do more than that. I am ready to be a witness while pursuing God daily. My hope is that by my example other people will want to pursue Him as well.

The Christian Leaders Connection course has really opened my eyes to how much I still have to learn about God. My heart has changed through this course and my passion for ministering to others has further ignited. I am extremely excited to begin my next course as I continue training to be a small group leader.

When asked which word I identify more with, (Pastor, Evangelist, Small Group Leader, Youth Leader, and Church Planter) I suppose I would have to say Small Group Leader. My hope is to someday be a small group leader in a church. Whether that is with teenagers, married couples, or women, I think I would really enjoy preaching the word of God in a small group setting.

I feel that I have always been called to pursue ministry, but that I have been ignoring God’s call until recently. I attended a week-long conference in Michigan this summer that really changed my life. I met people at this conference and heard several testimonies that just jump started my passion for missions. I am at a place in my life now that I am ready to go wherever God is leading me.

I would say there are a few unique challenges in my geographic area. First, I live in a small population area. There are really only a handful of churches to choose from and if you don’t feel that your heart is being fulfilled at one church, you don’t have many other places to turn. Second, my geographic area is not largely Christian. Many of the people that reside in my area do not attend church and I know that reaching out and preaching the Word of God is something that is needed. I recently moved back to my home state and am still in the process of finding a home at one of my local churches.

Connecting to the Bible brings transformation to my life daily. Reading God’s word is a constant reminder of the things that God has done for me. I still read the Bible and am blown away at all of the miracles that God has done and I always feel blessed that even though I fail God daily, He still loves me and cherishes me. It really is quite amazing that God gave us a handbook to help us grow closer to Him!

This year has been a difficult year for my family. When I was young, my mother and father divorced. Both of my parents married other people and were with them for 20 years. Within the past few months, both my mother and my father have filed for divorce from my step-parents. I have been praying and praying for the salvation of my four parents and can definitely use prayer in this area. When it comes to my family’s role in my ministry calling, I get a lot of support from my grandmother. She is a wonderful, Christian woman and believes that God is calling me to something much bigger than I can even imagine!

A scholarship at CLI is important to me for several reasons. First, I would not be able to afford this training without the scholarship. Finding a place that offers free classes is almost unheard of but truly a blessing from God. Secondly, I know I need to gain more knowledge in the Bible and continue to grow in my relationship with God. I need to be able to have the answers that people are going to ask and be able to fight the spiritual battles that I am going to face. I believe taking classes through CLI will help prepare me for this. I ask that you pray for guidance and wisdom for me along this journey. Satan will be trying to fight me every step of the way and I need to be able to recognize this and fight back!

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Ministry Training Scholarships

Ministry Training Scholarships

My name is Jonathan Bell and I received one of the Christian Leaders Institute ministry training scholarships. I reside in North Carolina, United States. I was born in November of 1989. I am a husband to a wonderful, Godly woman and a father to a strong, independent, three-year-old girl. For employment, I work at Duke Energy as an Armed Nuclear Security Officer. It’s a job that I enjoy and do well but it’s not my calling, not where my heart is. For me to tell you where I want to be, I must first tell you where I have been, and where I am at now.

I used to think that my story was insignificant. I would always compare my testimony with someone who hit rock bottom. These people who would experience the worst of life, then gain a relationship with God and completely turn around through His love and grace. How can my story make a difference in someone’s life after hearing something like that? But can I tell you that no matter what, your story is important because without it you wouldn’t be who or where you are today? Your story can be used to reach someone else.

My parents took me to church as a child in small town Homosassa, Florida. I’ve believed in God my entire life. Around my eighth birthday, I prayed the prayer of salvation. I believed whole heartedly that there was a God in Heaven and that Jesus was the Savior of my life. But I honestly can’t say that I KNEW Him. My parents and brothers stopped attending church and I always dipped in and out like a duck diving for food. But I always seemed to come up empty and hungry. It was when I met and married my wife in 2010 that I began to feel strongly about being the spiritual head of my household. It was important to my wife and I wanted to be that for her. She was saved in a Pentecostal church and I was saved in a Baptist church. So as a married couple, we met in the middle and found a modern, conventional church. This is where I really began to learn and understand who the Holy Spirit was. Over the last couple years, I have grown exponentially in my walk with God.

My ministry dream begins in my home. I strive to be the leader of my home. I’m far from where I want to be but I am working hard to lead my family in Bible studies and prayer. Beyond my home, my dream is to minister in my work place. It’s where God has me in this chapter of my life and let me tell you, there are people there that need to know Jesus! Beyond my work place, I feel as if there is a calling on my heart to work with teenagers. There are powerful testimonies of people hitting rock bottom, true. But my dream is to be able to set teenagers on the right path, holding hands with Jesus, before they even look at the road that leads to rock bottom. A relationship with the Holy Spirit and knowledge of God’s Word will help them combat the sins and temptations of this world.

I am thankful for Christian Leaders Institute and the opportunity to be a part of it through their ministry training scholarships. Currently, the class is helping me in my home ministry. Step one of my dream. It’s giving ways to study the Bible by myself and with others. Also, the recommended verses to memorize are being written one at a time on my bathroom mirror until they are memorized and replaced by the next. My wife and I see scripture first thing in the morning, the last thing at night, and multiple times throughout the day.

At this point in time, I will say that I most identify with a “Small Group Leader.” Not only do I make every effort to lead my family and friends, but I am also beginning to work in my church’s youth ministry as a small group leader.

I can’t point out a key experience as to why I want to pursue ministry. What I can tell you is that there is a force that I can’t counter and a light that can’t be dimmed. Of all the dirt roads I can choose to travel, there is one that is lined with all arrows pointing this direction. Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Who am I to tell Him no?

My pastor says often, “The more you get into the Word, the more the Word gets into you.” During a sermon titled, “Can I Trust the Bible,” we evaluated the Bible as a historical document through the Science of Textual Criticism mixed with some theological thought. This was one of my favorite messages and at the end, my pastor said something that I felt hit right in my heart. He said, “Does it matter if you believe the Bible if you don’t know what the Bible says?” I began to really get into the Word. I started seeing the text in a whole new way. I believe every single scripture, even if it seems insignificant, is far from insignificant and is written for a purpose.

My local church is fairly large. I never imagined when I first walked in the door that I would have a relationship with any of the church leaders. But they are all amazing and extremely accessible for those who try. I have recently expressed with many of them the calling I feel in my heart. My lead pastor gave me amazing advice, my youth pastor is plugging me into the youth ministry, I have found a mentor that I have grown a relationship with, and many of the church staff, volunteers, and members have been praying for me.

My family, mainly my wife, has been extremely supportive in my calling. She actually told me that she has been waiting for a long time for me to step into this role. She never pushed me because she wanted me to grow to this place on my own.

My wife and I attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and are currently working towards a debt free life. I didn’t think that a quality education was possible without going into further debt and reversing the commitment my wife and I made to better our financial situation. The CLI ministry training scholarships are exactly the opportunity that I needed. I felt one day that God wanted me to get an education and I searched online. When I came across CLI, I told my wife, “This is it.” So far, I absolutely love the experience that I have had and really look forward to what’s ahead. I have to thank everyone involved with CLI for the opportunity that you are providing to people who are seeking ministry training scholarships. I hope to become a vision partner in the future to contribute to other people pursuing their ministry dreams through ministry training scholarships.

I ask that you pray for me to follow God’s will. That I do nothing for my glory and everything for His glory. I want people to experience God’s love, grace, and mercy. I ask you to pray for me and my family that people see Christ in us. I ask you to pray that our lights shine brightly and that we are used by God to help people find a life in Jesus!

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