Ordained Minister Calling

Ordained Minister Calling

Greetings Friends, I am Shane Novy. Currently of Glennville, GA. I am an Army Infantry Veteran of ten plus years, then became diabetic and was released from the Army. I am originally from Madison and Green Bay, Wisconsin. I grew up in a single parent home and my mother felt it important that my siblings and I grow up knowing the Lord. I was baptized in the Methodist Church and attended a Catholic School. I spent much time with my best friend’s youth group of the Lutheran Denomination. As a teenager, I felt a strong ordained minister calling. However, as a younger man, I began questioning my beliefs and turned to Paganism and Druidism. I spent many years in that place. Recently, with the loss of my only son, I have felt a pull back to my beginnings and a renewal of faith.

My dream is just to learn as much as I can, become ordained and the share the word with any and all who will participate.

With the Getting Started and Christian Basics classes, I have opened the Bible and my heart together and have found new meaning to words I have long forgotten. I spend several hours a day reading and praying and relearning the relationship I had walked away from all those years ago. I feel more content and happier just having God back in my life.

I would say that I identify with the role of Pastor and Church Planter more than anything. It seems that no matter what I do I strive to be the best and end up sharing with and mentoring those who are just beginning in an area which I find myself in. The idea of starting a new church fascinates me.

My time as a teenager and the mentoring I received from Pastor Miller was the beginning of my ordained minister calling. He and his wife had a huge impact on my young life. It is from them that the desire to serve God arose. I still remember singing the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy” while mowing my rather large yard after coming home from church on summer Sundays.

Living in Southeastern Georgia is a challenge in itself but religiously speaking you are hard pressed to not find a church within a mile of any place you find yourself. Another challenge will be to find a location and a group who wishes to partake in a new church experience.

Reconnecting to the Bible and actually reading it and finding meaning in it has opened my eyes and reawakened my relationship with God. With it, I feel whole again and do not have any doubts or questions as I had once before.

Honestly, I am still looking for a local church to attend. I speak with my friends and acquaintances about God and my renewed belief and a few have already suggested that they may be interested in attending a church that we start together.

I am divorced and the loss of my son has reignited my desire for the things of God and following my ordained minister calling.

The scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute offers me the ability to attain my goals while I also can work and pay the bills, yet I still may have enough to donate back to CLI. It seems that it may be a circle between us.

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Youth Minister Dream

Youth Minister Dream

Hello and blessings to all. My name is Carlos German. I am the youngest of seven children, and to be honest, I was the black sheep of our family. I was born in Mexicali, Mexico in June of 1973 to my parents Emilio German and Ines Ribot. My father and mother never married due to my father having another family and being married to the mother of his other six kids. My mom and I left Mexicali in 1975 and arrived in Modesto, Ca where I have lived pretty much all of my life with the exception of ten years ( I will explain later). I have six beautiful children that range from the age of 28 – 5. I am married to my beautiful wife Noemi and have twin boys and a girl. We have been married for 10 years and are currently following our Youth Minister dream at our local Modesto Free Methodist Church.

Let me begin with my personal story and how I came to know the Lord:

I was raised by a mother who was always at work. I had no structure in my life. I had my firstborn child Armando at the age of 15. This relationship was not a healthy one as we were both in high school and very immature thinking I knew what was best for me. Finally, things came to an end. Fast-forward to my 20th year of life, I got married and had two kids Maryssa now 23 and CJ now 17. I was married for 10 years but it was a very dysfunctional marriage. I was selling drugs and doing my own thing as she was doing hers. The marriage ended due to infidelity and just living the way Satan loves.

I was single for about three years and living on a high of drugs and women. Then one day, I asked myself if this the way my life was going to end. I had burned all my bridges and my brother came to my rescue as he had many times. I came back to Modesto, Ca after living in Roseville, Ca for 10 years. Something in me changed which now I know was the Holy Spirit getting a hold of me through my mother’s prayers. I started going to church and that’s where I met my beautiful wife Noemi, and guess what? She was the Pastor’s daughter. I gave my life to the Lord in 2005 and haven’t looked back since.

There have been many tests, but God has helped us through them. We have been Youth Ministers for one year and are enjoying it very much. This all came about because I had my regular Monday through Friday job, and I got injured. I believe in my heart this is the path my Lord and Savior wanted me to take to reach my youth minister dream. Yes, He doesn’t punish us but will put up barriers when you praise something other than Him. I serve a jealous God! I had been looking for a while into schooling to pursue my youth minister dream calling, and since we are surviving on only one income (my wife’s), I couldn’t find anything we could afford without taking on loans. I can’t tell you how I came to find Chrisitan Leaders Institute other than I clicked something on my search through the internet and it came up. I looked into it and here I am. I’m very excited and nervous at the same time because I have never been a school type of person. I have much to learn and process, but one thing I know is that I serve a POWERFUL GOD and He will get me through this as I pursue my youth minister dream. So thank you CLI for the opportunity you give so many people like me to really fulfill our dreams. I desire to be the best Youth Minister I can be in Christ’s name, that is my youth minister dream! Blessings to all.

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Officiant Minister Calling

Officiant Minister

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I love Jeremiah 29:11 Wow! God has plans for me– Sue Hargrave-Benson of the United States, just little old me! I feel God calling me to be an officiant minister.

We are so fortunate in the USA to have religious freedom. However, having so much (material wealth and social opportunity) actually makes it hard for us to rely on God. I was born and have lived my whole life in the USA. God is very present here. But most Americans do not see or hear or acknowledge Him! I know this because until I was 35 years old, that was me…

Jesus called me to Himself when I was a dancer living in NYC. On the outside, I was doing great (by worldly standards): an Ivy League Ph.D., a great university teaching career, and a handsome boyfriend. But inside I was a mess: multiple addictions plus terrible loneliness, guilt and despair. God reached down and told me He could run my life better than I could. So I turned it all over to Him! Good choice!

Within a year I was cleaned up, married, and teaching in a lovely Northern California college town. Some parts of the last three decades have been tough: broken marriage, being a single mom, demanding job, persecution from some colleagues… But He’s used it all for good (Romans 8:28). I’m blessed with a godly son, a wonderful second husband, and a terrific church. God is so faithful to complete what He starts! And He’s still working on me every day.

My ministry dream is to be Jesus’ hands and feet in my community. Besides being a deacon, I’ve sung in traditional or gospel choir and worship teams for years. I’ve also led several ministries: Christian aerobics, eating disorder 12 Step, and a Christian dance company. Now — officiant minister/lay pastor?! I hear the call.

Recently my son asked me to be the officiant minister at his upcoming wedding so that he could have a Christian marriage. I’m doing the coursework through CLI because I want real minister training, not just a certificate. But I sense that God has something more in mind. My husband and my pastor are encouraging me to train to be a lay minister. Doing weddings and end-of-life celebrations would be such a joy. We live in a retirement community where there is plenty of ministry to be done! On my dog-walk this morning, I ministered to a retired Marine who was questioning God’s purpose in his life. And my sweet husband is currently next door, ministering to a sweet widow with dementia.

This Getting Started: Christian Leaders Connection class has already given me some great ministry tools: encouragement to reach out more, a fuller Christian vocabulary, stronger devotion and prayer habits for me (& my dear husband), a renewed connection with my pastor (and fellow deacons), and ways to broach Christ with our unchurched neighbors. Add to that my son’s request to officiate his wedding, and you have quite a few of the Seven Connections!

Being able to study online at CLI is a huge blessing. Enrollment in pertinent online college level Christian coursework is a literal Godsend! I would appreciate your prayers for me as I seek God’s will and favor in pursuit of this lay minister/officiant minister calling. And thank you for all you do to spread the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ!

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Ministry Women For God’s Army

Ministry Women

My name is Christina, and I am from the state of Florida in the USA. The Lord called my name in 2012 and since that day of sweet surrender, my life has not been the same. I would love to say that it has all been roses and mountain top experiences but that would be dishonest. Truth is, I have experienced many trying times spiritually since saying “yes” to our Lord. However, the trying times have built me up stronger than ever before. In fact, it has been the time in the valley that has led me to know God for who He truly is; which is a defender, comfort, peace, and Father, among other characteristics. The valley times have also left me with a greater sense of purpose and calling for His kingdom as I join the army of ministry women serving Him. My past now has reason and design. And the freedom that I’ve experienced and continue to live in can be used by God to aid me in my ministry call to inspire and propel other women on their journey forward! This is my ministry women dream to reach out to other hurting women and families who don’t know God’s great gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Finishing the Getting Started class and the Christian Basics class with Christian Leaders Institute has opened a pathway for me to receive structure and knowledge useful to deepening my relationship with the Lord. It has also given me a firm foundation for the family ministry vision I have received. I am excited to continue on in this journey of learning and preparation for my ministry in God’s kingdom. Christian Leaders Institute is a great blessing; truly a gift that will keep on giving.

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Deacon Calling

Deacon Calling – Ready to Serve

My name is Michelle Hopwood. I currently live in Pennsylvania in the United States. I am so thankful for finding CLI as I have followed my deacon calling! The word deacon translated from “diakonos” means “one who executes the commands of another, especially of a master, as a servant, attendant, minister”. I am called to love and serve others for God.

I was raised in a Christian home and went to church every Sunday and Wednesday night. I had heard all of the Bible stories and went on all of the youth group trips. The problem was everything I had heard and been exposed to didn’t penetrate my heart and soul. I never questioned God’s love for me or the ultimate sacrifice of his Son to save me, but I had always thought to be a Christian meant all rules and no fun.

I ended up as a single mom, married and then divorced. I was not living the life I was called to live. God had a greater purpose for me but I fought back. I went on to a successful career in sales and remarried and now have another daughter. Despite my rebellion, God never gave up on me. After my youngest daughter was born, I started to struggle with the life I was leading. I wasn’t doing anything “bad” really, but I was not teaching my daughter enough about God’s love. Not only was I not teaching her, but I was not being the example I should have been. I decided to change all of that. My husband and I found a church, I started homeschooling my daughter, but most importantly, I got back into God’s Word!

Several months later, I felt led to quit my job and focus on Matthew 25:40. “The King will answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.” I felt a deacon calling to start an outreach ministry and I know I cannot serve God without serving others. We are called to love our neighbor as ourselves and that is my ministry dream.

The Getting Started class and the Christian Basics class have reminded me of the need to have priorities in line with God always at the top of that list. We get so busy in life that sometimes, we go through the motions without paying attention to the whys and the hows.

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Evangelism Journey

Evangelism Journey

My name is Eleanor Renee’ Ramey but my family and friends call me Renee’ and I am on an evangelism journey. I am the youngest of six children, five brothers and me the only girl. I  was raised in Columbus, GA. I moved to Atlanta when I was twenty-five and have lived here ever since. I met my wonderful husband of twelve years here. After marrying him, I became an instant mom. We have five children and ten grandkids, in which seven are boys and three are girls. My family and I enjoy spending time together when we can.

I came to know Christ at an early age. I attended this community church and every Sunday they would come by and pick up the neighborhood kids for church. It was an experience on my evangelism journey that I will never forget. Every Sunday we would play games, sing songs, and learn about Jesus. That church is where I gave my life to Christ at the age of twelve. I grew to love Christ, but I strayed away as a teenager. It wasn’t until I was a young adult at the age of twenty-one that I came back on my evangelism journey to Christ. I was working at McDonald’s and my manager was a Christian and she invited me to her Bible study. I hadn’t been to a Bible study ever in my life; it was very different. I was embarrassed that night because I realized I didn’t know much about the Bible. That embarrassment made me read my Bible to learn more about God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The next Bible study, I was ready. I rededicated my life to Christ and I have been living for God ever since.

My husband and I are in charge of the Evangelism Ministry at our church. We love telling people about Christ and leading them to salvation. I plan on this training at CLI to help me to be educated in the things of God. With this training, I can advance the kingdom of God. The training will advance my skills in leadership to teach and train others and to be effective in my witnessing to others.

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Following Jesus

Following Jesus

My name is Cheryl Hill and I am from Woodville, Texas in the USA. I live in a small town in the Bible Belt, where there is a church on every corner and many different denominations in this small town. I am a wife to a wonderful man and mother to five beautiful children and three granddaughters. I go to a small Pentecostal church in my town, and I am following Jesus in the grace that He gives me daily.

My journey into this beautiful Christian life of following Jesus started out pretty rocky. Although I grew up going to church, which over the years varied. I never really understood the love of Jesus until I was in my early twenties after my daughter was born. During the past 22 years, I fought the direction that Jesus wanted me to go in my life. I will definitely say that following Jesus in the direction He wants you to is much easier than the path I took. I finally in the last year have submitted my life to the calling of Jesus. I decided that I would be following Jesus on the path He wanted me to travel, which is working in Youth Ministry and Counseling those in need.

When I first signed up for the “Getting Started” class, I never thought that I would learn so much about myself and what direction I need to take in my life. I definitely see my walk with Christ growing stronger, and when I feel that pull when He is leading me in a direction, I know that I will be following Jesus in blind faith.

When I think about where I want to be with this degree program I am automatically drawn to the Youth Ministry. It is where I first started when I found Jesus and it was the same place that I ran from for 20+ years ago. I know that God led me here for a purpose He has yet to reveal to me. As I dive further and further into the scriptures, I am amazed at how much or rather how little I know and how much more that God has in store for us on this path of following Jesus.

When I told my pastor that I was taking this class, his first reaction was that he thought it was incredible that I was following the calling that I had been running from for years. My family although supportive is scared for me because they know the spiritual warfare that will be in store for us.

Please pray that I keep focused and I am able to withstand the battle that will be fought as I draw closer to God and am faithfully following Jesus’ lead in my life.

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Ministry Walk With God

Ministry Walk

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Brian Bassham and I am on a ministry walk with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I live in the United States of America. I grew up in a home that believed in the existence of God and the Bible is His Word, but a relationship with God was never pursued. We didn’t go to church, and we never had devotions of any kind. Sadly, God did not rule in our home, and many issues persisted in my household as a result. My parents indulged in many carnal desires that hurt their relationship and ultimately caused their marriage to fail. I was an only child, and I knew from an early age that I wanted to be different than my parents were. I didn’t want the issues that controlled them to control my life. I didn’t want those issues to lead to bigger and worse issues in the future.

I quit school when I was 17 due to a lack of care from myself and my household. I moved in with my grandparents not long afterward and with their help and guidance, I was able to acquire a G.E.D and eventually a job. My grandparents also loved the Lord and understood the importance of a relationship with God. I would attend church with them from time to time, but I never allowed God into my heart. I wasn’t in church to learn about the Lord, I was just simply there because I felt it was the right thing to do.

In 2011, I went to work for a devout Christian man who took me under his wing. He talked to me about God a ministry walk with Him, and he asked me to attend church with him and his family sometime. I eventually did go to church with him, and as I attended the service and listened to the Pastor, I became more interested and curious to know more about God. I kept attending that church and eventually gave my life to the Lord in 2012.

My life has not been the same since. As I have studied the Word of God and spent time with him on my ministry walk, I have come to understand the importance of our lives for we are not just here to do our own will. We are here ultimately to embrace a relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. I have faced many obstacles and issued along the way, and every time I encounter these issues, God always reminds me of who I am in my ministry walk with Him. I am very thankful for His guidance.

I plan to use this training from CLI to further my ministry walk with the Lord and to broaden my understanding of Him and His word. I will seek to show others through my ministry the God of my life, the God of the Holy Bible, and help them to understand the grace that he has for them. In the world that we live in, we can not have too many men of God. I want to be a “fisher of men” and preach the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Online Pastor Training

Online Pastor Training

Join today and receive a scholarship towards pursuing Online Pastor Training and being a part of the spread of the Christian revival. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers the ability to earn a scholarship for high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual, anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI and is using the scholarship for pursuing pastoral training. 

My name is Diana Elston. I live in the United States. I am the Senior Pastor of Word In Seasons Ministry Family and Life Center and Founder of Glory Productions, an avenue by which the Gospel is orated in the form of skits and stage plays. I was born in Hammond, Indiana and at the age of 13, I found myself captivated by the word of God. I grew up in a non-Christian home, and going to church was something as children we did only on certain holidays. But my mother had this extra-large Bible that she would keep open on the table to the 23rd Psalms. I would read it, but little did I know God was planting seeds that would one day help give birth to ministry. I excepted the Lord at the age of 21 but prior to my surrender life was difficult and I found myself going down the wrong road. Now, every chance I get, I share my testimony with as many young people as I can. I became involved in ministry serving, as an usher in the house of the Lord, from there I served in the mission ministry helping homeless and those in need. To this day, I strongly believe in being a servant leader.

After moving from Atlanta, Georgia to Virginia the vision that the Lord showed me regarding the ministry was birth in my home in 2005. I believe the Word of God is the foundation that we should build everything on. It has the power through the workings of the Holy Spirit to transform lives. That is the reasoning behind the name of our church. As an outreach ministry, I desire to serve not only those that are within but those that are without. The Bible says, “And Jesus went about doing good.” I believe we should do the same. As time progressed I felt the need to work full time in the ministry, but the type of work I did would not allow me the time I needed to do so. Refusing to take a salary from the ministry, but yet wanting to support the ministry financially, I took another leap of faith and started my own childcare in my home called, “Created Minds Christian Home Child Care”.

I’ve been married for 16 years to my husband Anthony, who has been my greatest supporter in life and ministry. I love spending quality time with my family. I have two daughters with wonderful son in-law’s, seven grandchildren and one great-grand.

In every generation, God has raised up individual for the purpose of sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom. This generation is no different, I believe that this generation will usher in revival on a level of which we’ve never seen. It is our responsibility to equip them with everything they need. God has blessed me to have a church that is 75% youth. I was told by some pastor’s that I couldn’t grow my church with the youth. They were looking at it from a monetary standpoint. But I’m looking at it from a spiritual standpoint, God in which is the supplier of it all. Therefore, I invest heavily in my youth. I see myself as the Moses generation which must raise up Joshua to take the people over into the Promise Land. I don’t have much, but what I have I freely give to the ministry in which God has called me to that include future leaders. I will take the teaching I’ve learned from Christian Leaders Institute to help them and anyone that needs help fulfilling their purpose in God.

Even though I am a pastor I’ve had no formal seminary training. I know I will greatly benefit from CLI’s online pastor training. In my early years as a minister I was taught the word in various classes I took on my own. I remember praying and fasting asking God for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of His word and He has done so. Still, because of my passion for the word, I pursued any other training I could, which included reading a countless amount of book and commentaries. My favorite authors are Watchmen Nee, Dr. J. Vernon McGee and Pastor David Jeremiah.

When we started the ministry, it was a great financial price we had to pay with no outside help, and we willingly did so, but it impeded my ability financially to attend Seminary. Even though I’ve studied for years in the word, outside of my scope of ministerial associates, I’m not looked upon as creditable because I have no formal training. And as I stated earlier I have a young congregation with young ministers that I want to be an example to in every area of my life. Obtaining my degree at Christian Leaders Institute through the online pastor training, will help me further my learning, help others and satisfy a longing I’ve had for years, which up until now seem financially out of reach.

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Ministry Training Quest

Ministry Training Quest

My name is Stephanie Atkins, I am 41 years old and I am on a ministry training quest. I reside in the United States in rural Kentucky with my husband John. My parents divorced when I was five years old and my single dad acquired custody of me and we moved in with my grandparents. My mother chose Florida and I didn’t see her again till I was 10 years old. My daddy saw to it that I went to church every Sunday as a child even though he didn’t go with me. I walked to the altar of Crestwood Baptist Church when I was 11 years old as the church sang the chorus, “I have decided to follow Jesus.” I somehow knew the rollercoaster that was about to become my life was going to take the first of many tragic turns. If I was going to have any hope of making it, I needed the saving grace of the Almighty.

First, I lost my paternal grandfather when I was only 12 and I was in the house when they found him two days after Thanksgiving in 1989. I married when I was in high school at 17 when my mother came back from Florida and decided to make me marry. I did but we lost our beautiful little angel girl, Aleen Nicole, in the beginning of my fifth month. After the loss of my child, my husband became abusive physically, mentally and every other way imaginable until I had no choice but to die at his hand or leave. In the year 2000, my father suddenly died in June. Two months after the death of my father, we found out my mother was terminally ill with bone, lung and kidney cancer. In November, my 92-year-old grandmother that raised me after the divorce went to be with Jesus, and in January of 2001 only two months after her passing, my mother lost her battle with cancer. Before she left this earth, however, I got to hear her say the sinner’s prayer and was saved on her death bed. I lost all of my family in a matter of 7 months time, and I felt lost. Little did I realize that their poor life choices took them from me, and God had different plans for a ministry training quest in my life.

My ministry dream, and what fuels my ministry training quest, is to help as many suffering souls as possible. The bereaved, down trodden, grief struck, and also those who are happy and have found God’s abundance in the form of the love of their life. I desire to preserve the sanctity of marriage the way God created it. I want to hold hands with those who are lost in the vast abyss of the great gulf of grief. By sharing my faith and testimony, maybe God will entrust me to lead a precious soul to the knowledge and peace of a loving, comforting, forgiving God.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the getting started class here at CLI as I pursue my ministry training quest. It has opened my eyes to the spiritual vision, dreams and walks of others in ministry. I would venture to say small groups are my forte for ministry. I like being able to give as much individualized, spiritually grounded attention as possible to those in need. My recent wedding was a defining moment of “I want to perform weddings and funerals.” I want to provide sound Godly counsel and give couples a straight path based on the Word of God on which to plant their married feet.

While encouragers and mentors for my ministry training quest are few, I do have the support of Jesus and an amazing husband who is 31 years my senior. This scholarship couldn’t have come at a better time. Now I can do God’s will and purpose for my life with the proper education in my ministry training quest. I feel like I might finally be able to make a difference in this world for Christ. Please pray that God will give me the words to speak to those who struggle so that God is glorified. I have recently started a grief support group in my area. All of this for God’s Glory that He be ultimately magnified and exalted.

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Ministry Dream Journey

Ministry Dream Journey

My name is Josh McMillen. I live with my wife, son, and daughter in Missouri, in the United States. Right now, I am the youth leader in my church. I have been given a ministry dream journey as I am called to be a pastor. At 15 years old, I attended a play called “Heaven’s Gates, Hell’s Flames”. I went several times, but the last time was one I will always remember. I felt the Holy Spirit call me to the front and I prayed that my heart would be opened to Him. I got off the path as I got older, but my family helped me to return to church. They have since encouraged me in this ministry dream journey toward leading a ministry and encouraged me as I received my calling.

Although my ministry dream journey has been full of positives, some challenges we face are getting youth to and from church, bringing family members to church, and getting some family members to accept my calling. It is God’s calling to pursue the ministry and the ones who know about it have been nothing but supportive and encouraging. Only a few in my church know right now, but the ones who do know have encouraged me to speak more in front of the church and they respect me as a leader in general. I started as a youth leader, where I am now, and can’t wait to continue on this ministry dream journey toward becoming a full pastor. As far as my youth group goes, they are like sponges and take what I teach and use it in real-world experiences. I am excited to see that they use Jesus Christ as their leader in everyday life and witness to others through him.

With the help of these classes, following with the assignments has helped me to follow a plan in my Bible. It helps me further my knowledge in those areas as well as studying in other chapters and gaining insight. These classes have helped me develop my ministry dream which would be to one day become a pastor at a church and be able to share the Lord Jesus with the lost people I come across. It is also my dream to help people further their knowledge of the Lord and the Bible and to help them fulfill their mission for God. The financial help from the scholarship available would be a blessing for my family to pursue this dream and allow me to further my knowledge in the areas I lack. I welcome any and all prayers for my ministry dream journey from here on out, including prayers for strength and guidance through the Lord to lead me along the path He wants me to be on. I pray the same for all of you as you pursue your ministry dream journey.

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Mercy Minister Callling

Mercy Minister 

My name is Anita Dries and I reside in the U.S.A. I am currently an optician, a mother of two wonderful adult children and grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren. I have been saved and have known the Lord since I was eight years old. Through a series of events in my life, I walked away from the Lord for a while. But in October 2015, I lost someone in my family and she was a huge Christian influence in my life. That loss impacted me and my relationship with God significantly. One night, I fell to my knees and cried out to the Lord for forgiveness. I found a church and I started putting more and more into God’s Word and prayer. May of 2016, God put a call on my heart and I was baptized by full submersion. It didn’t end there. My relationship with God grew closer, and He has shown me that it’s not just reading his Word that brings victory but applying it to my everyday life and in everything I do. I put all my trust in God and waited with expectancy for His guidance, and He put a call on my heart to ministry as a mercy minister.

Over the past couple of years, my family has lost many family members to death, including a grandchild that passed away at birth. But God is so faithful. He has never forsaken me and will never forsake me. In answer to my cries of, “Why God? Why??!!”, He so sweetly leads me to his Word for comfort and lets me know He is in control. In that, I know in my heart and my soul that He is there for me and I need only to be obedient, trust Him and live for Him.

I am always asking God how I can be a blessing to someone else and ministry as a mercy minister is my answer. I seek to minister to Hospice patients, shut-ins and those who are grieving. However, I will minister wherever and to whoever the Lord leads me.

As a single woman with a single income, Christian Leaders Institute is a huge blessing. Just in the “Getting Started Classes”, I have received more Biblical and doctrinal knowledge. I am able to dig deeper and continue to feed my hunger and thirst for God’s word. My Pastor was thrilled and very supportive to hear of my answer to God’s call to ministry. Thank you, CLI, and to all that make this educational journey possible. God bless you all!

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Changing Ministry Heart

Changing Ministry Heart

Hi, my name is Amber Hamby and I am from Elkins, WV. I was born in the state of Florida and grew up in Virginia. I first became a Christian when I was 13 years old and God gave me a changing ministry heart for Him. I went many years knowing who Jesus was and being a Christian. But I did not realize until eleven years later at the age of 24 what a personal relationship with Jesus is as Jesus continued to give me a changing ministry heart for Him. Since then, I have experienced some ups and downs, but I continue to learn from the Lord Jesus and follow His leading.

I have always dreamed of working with children in the ministry and helping them see Jesus in any circumstance they may be facing. I have talked with my pastor about this, and I am getting more involved with children’s activities at our church such as VBS or Kids Crusades and Sunday School. I have also started becoming more active in our choir as well since I enjoy praising God with my voice.

With my changing ministry heart for Jesus, I feel that this is where God wants me to start, and that being able to train and study at Christian Leaders Institute will help me to gain a deeper understanding of the word and where my calling is leading me. I am excited to see what God has in store for me in ministry.

Since starting at Christian Leaders Institute, I have a changing ministry heart for Him and have seen my relationship grow closer with God and my two children. I am very thankful for this blessing to study here, and I pray that everyone who studies at CLI will be blessed through their studies and their relationship with Christ.

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Saint Training in God’s Grace

Saint Training

My name is Michael Warui and I am in saint training. I come from Nakuru, Kenya. Kenya is a Christian nation but has challenges that have to do with poverty, corruption, and tribalism. This, therefore, has many times caused the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to be diluted and has become a money making endeavor. The unreached have therefore kept away from the church viewing it as a means of gain from their money.

I came to know and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior in 1991 at a high school Christian union meeting. Previously, I was a staunch Catholic but by the Grace of God, He had mercy on me and saved me just in time. Ever since I was born again, the Lord put in me a hunger to seek Him in prayer and in the Word as I am in saint training. My desire had always been to serve God in the teaching ministry, but I had never enrolled in any Bible school. I still hold on to what Christ has called me to and that is to become a minister of the true Gospel where I believe I am called to serve Him. There is a great need in our generation for the truth of the word that sets free from traditions, tribalism and other forms of culture that adulterate the Christian faith.

Since I embarked on this course at CLI, I have seen my faith be lifted at the possibilities of being equipped to serve God as a saint training and trained believer. The materials have begun shaping my view of the great need to spread the love of God to every creature. The truths of the Bible are coming alive and only God through His Holy Spirit can do that through the materials that have been freely given. I know God has given pastoral grace on my life and I would love to be stirred up in that area of ministry through this great opportunity of training.

I am actively involved in the ministry through the church where I fellowship. The church has a membership of close to 4,000 and I serve as one of the regional section leaders. This means that I am constantly interacting with the brethren, saint training with them, hearing out their needs, praying with them and also counseling them. With proper saint training such as I am receiving from CLI, God can use and make my ministry more effective to His glory. This and the calling of God on my life are the reason why I have purposed to pursue this course.

Connecting to the Bible has given me the understanding I have needed to grow closer to God. My personal life has been given a new direction through the wisdom of the word of God. The scripture is how the entrance of God’s word has brought light to me and shown me what God created and called me to do. Every time I share or minister, I feel the Holy Spirit using the saint training lessons he has taught me to impart knowledge and freedom to others.

My local church has truly supported my dream by offering us Bible study materials and also helping us be involved in active missionary work. The church has separate tent ministry intended to reach out to the body of Christ with the truth of God’s word. This has therefore brought exposure and experience to whatever we are taught. The church has also given me and my wife the opportunity of being part of the leadership.

My wife and I have a daughter. My wife also has the call of God upon her life and we double up as Gospel music ministers. She has the burden to evangelize to the nations and this call has kept us depending on God for guidance and direction. In this, God has been faithful. Being connected to CLI is itself a work of God’s Grace. I treasure the opportunity.

A scholarship will assist me to do the Lord’s work with the excellence it deserves. To be trained by teachers and servants of God who have been proven in ministry is beyond what I expected. I believe that we are on the verge of a great revival and part of being ready to ride the wave is to be found ready. This scholarship will open up every dream yet to be released for the calling God has put in me.

Your prayers will go a long way in preparing what God has in store for His church. It is only amazing Grace and answers to prayer that a saint training ministry such as yours could reach out to ministers across the world and impact them. This is truly a work of God. My prayers are with you and though you may never realize the work you have done, God will reward you for it.
The Grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.

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Small Group Leader Training: Christian Leaders Institute

Small Group Leader Training

Join today and receive a scholarship towards pursuing small Group Leader Training and be a part of the spread of the Christian revival! Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers the ability to earn a scholarship for high-quality online ministry training. This training allows you to become a leader in the Christian movement and to follow your dreams.  CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI and is using the scholarship for pursuing small group leader training. 

I was born in Venezuela and I am currently leaving in Houston, Texas. I have been in the USA for at least 3 decades. This city is an international metropolis with lots of immigrates coming from similar Spanish cultures with whom I share the language and some culture. So, I am hoping to focus my ministry on this group of Spanish speaking people.

I was raised in a Catholic home. When I came to the US, I accepted the Lord as my savior and was baptized. In a few years, I will be retiring from my secular job. I want to prepare for serving the Lord in the field. And I am hoping this formal education at CLI will help me be more effective in sharing the gospel with people around this area and/or somewhere in Latin America.

The class I have taken thus far has provided me with lots of beneficial information, like the importance of forming good habits, solid basic principles, Bible study Technics, wisdom, solid doctrine, etc. It is like a refreshing wind. I am hoping to continue to grow and learn as I take other classes and receive small group leader training.

For my mission work, I identified more with a Small Group leader. I have helped start several small Spanish missions. I have found I am better at relating to people on a one to one basis and hospitality is one of my spiritual gifts. Some of the challenges in Houston is the size of the geographic area and the lack of good public transportation, but I hope to overcome these obstacles.

My regular Bible reading brings transformation to my life daily. The chapter and lectures from Steve Elzinga were so much on target about the benefits and blessings deriving from having good habits and addressing the seven fronts in the journal to a better personal relationship with the Lord and the world around us.

My local church support is not very defined yet. At this point, I am in transition to a new Hispanic Mission at a local Baptist church.

The scholarship has encouraged me to pursue additional Christian education and to focus on God’s future plans for my life. I do not have to worry about financial means. I am able to solely focus on my dreams and goals.

You can pray for better discernment and obedience to follow the will of God in my life and my wife. Also, for my two adult children to strengthen their personal relationship with God

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