A warm Welcome to You from the Christian Leaders Alliance Canada Volunteer Team 🇨🇦

Over 1000 graduates in Canada

Meet the CLA Volunteer Canada Team and hear how the Lord is working in their lives and ministries. They are excited to have you at CLI where you can receive free ministry training online. 

You can email the team for assistance with getting started on your classes at CLI or any questions you might have at the following email: clicanada@christianleaders.net
Godwin, Ivan, and Gordon can assist you. 

If you would like to email Pastor Neale in BC his email address is britishcolumbia@christianleaders.net

If you would like to login and start your classes with CLI you can log in at www.christianleadersinstitute.org and in the upper right corner is student login.


Dr. Feddes Provost of CLI reflects on his ministering in Canada