Called to Preach

Called to Preach

My name is Michael Marino, and I am called to preach the good news of Jesus. I live in Cork, Ireland. Born in Venezuela, Caracas, I was there until I was three years of age before moving to Rome, Italy, with my parents. My mother is Irish, and my father was Sicilian. During my years in Rome, my parents separated. A few years later, my mother and I moved to Ireland.

Life in Ireland

During my time in Ireland, I became acutely aware of what different people were like and how they thought. I always found it interesting to try and tell what kind of person each one was before I met them, according to how they dressed, spoke, etc. When I reached twelve years of age, I learned that my father was going to die of cancer, and that same year, he did.

As I got older, my interest in different religions grew, and even though I did not know very much about them, I found them fascinating. My grandparents would often ask me to attend mass with them on a Saturday as they were Catholic.

In my early teenage years, I fell into many different types of temptations. Up until my late teens, I experienced lots of failures due to my lifestyle. During these years, I got to know myself well, becoming aware of what kind of person I was. From am early age, I liked to please people and show them I was like them. The problem was many of these people were not a good influence. Since I came from a well-known family of actors, and my father had been an ambassador, I wanted to impress the people.

Curious About Christianity and Saved by Grace

As time went on, I spent lots of time looking at videos online. I came across lots of content on Christianity and started learning what it is to be a true Christian. I became familiar with different groups and pastors that would share their content online. During this time, I was one day walking through the city of Cork when I felt pulled in a particular direction. It was towards a Baptist church I had briefly seen on a few occasions. I entered the church that day, met one of the pastors, and attended a service. That was the day I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and was saved.

I very quickly adjusted my life and did my best to become a good Christian. As I started to attend services regularly, I began to feel a compelling call to preach and be a pastor. This call was a type of feeling I have never had before. It was like I just discovered what I was put on this earth by God to do. My problem was that I work full time, up to 40 hours, or more a week at times. And I did not have time to attend any ministry studies or Bible college.

Free Ministry Study at CLI

However, after surfing the web, I came across the Christian Leaders Institute. It was the hope I had been looking for in ministry training on my schedule. It is an excellent fit for me. I want to thank CLI for this amazing opportunity to make dreams come true.

Currently, I am 22 years of age. Soon I will marry my beautiful fiancee, Amelie, whom I met under different conditions around four years ago. She is very supportive of my studies and dreams of getting involved in ministry as well.

We look forward to what God has planned for us!

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