Biblical Knowledge and Truths

Who I Am

Greetings, my name is Kara Graham, and I am 54, a retired nurse, and currently a realtor. I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible and ministry classes online, Click Here). The biblical knowledge and truths I am studying at CLI will help me in my life coaching ministry.

I graduated from Baptist College with a bachelor’s degree in science of nursing with an emphasis on religion in 1997. Married for 18 years, my husband and I have two wonderful children and a grandson. My husband is an ordained deacon. We attend a Baptist church in Summerville, SC. Kala, our daughter, is 32. She is from my first marriage and has our one and only five-year-old grandson. Our son, Holden, is 23 and from my husband’s first marriage. He is working on his master’s degree in data analytics and business administration. As you can tell, I am one proud Moma, or Nonna, as my grandson calls me.

My Baptism and Spiritual Journey

I remember the Christian magic show at First Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant, SC, when I was 10, like it happened yesterday. After the magic show during the altar call, I felt a gentle tug on my heart to go to the front of the church and accept the Lord into my heart publically. It was as if no one else was in the room but me, the pastor, and the love that filled my heart. Soon after, the pastor baptized me as one with Christ.

I wish I could tell you that the rest was a happy ending living in the arms of my Lord Jesus Christ. However, I was headstrong and obstinate. I felt a calling to serve God at a young age. He endowed me with spiritual gifts. People knew and often prophesized what a good servant of the Lord I would be.

Unfortunately, I let Him down for a long time, becoming complacent with life. I put my life, family, and work before Him. Yes, I served the church in Vacation Bible School, taught Sunday school, and sang in the choir. I helped wherever needed but was not fulfilling the life Christ wanted me to live. Everyone has a unique testimony, and my testimony was carefully interwoven throughout my life. It would allow me to relate to and help others in the same situation.

My History

A female sexually molested me at a young age. It took a lot out of me psychologically. I did not tell my parents because she threatened me. After I learned about sex, I realized how wrong it was. Then I became stressed, depressed, bulimic, and anorexic. In my older teenage years, I somehow blocked out of my mind the tragic events that happened to me multiple times.

However, they were locked up in my head, and I became suicidal. When an elder of an A.M.E. church prayed over me, anointed me with oil, and laid hands on me, God delivered me from the darkness surrounding me. Looking back, I see that what the devil meant for harm, Jesus meant for good. It is through my experience that I can relate to others who have been in my situation.

Biblical Knowledge and Truths at CLI

My heart cry is for the sexually trafficked and abused. The Baptists do not ordain women. Therefore, I see myself as a life coach helping people and those who tried or want to commit suicide with biblical truths and knowledge. I thank CLI for allowing me to obtain this knowledge at no cost because of its excellent partners and donors. CLI is equipping me for my ministry calling.

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