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The Call to Shepherd

Hello, my name is Miriam Tam Nanghee. I am from Myanmar (Burma) and reside in Vancouver, Canada. The tuition-free biblical knowledge and training at the Christian Leaders Institute prepare me for my call to shepherd (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Journey

I grew up in a devoted Christian family. My father, who served as a full-time missionary and went to be with the Lord, was a church planter and minister. One summer, when I was 12, my parents sent me to a Bible camp in a different city. At this Bible camp, I was moved by the love of God and received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. From that moment, God placed in my heart a desire to teach His Word to others. Right after I finished high school at 15, I went to Bible College in India and faced many challenges. By the grace of God, I was able to complete the Bachelor of Theology in 2003.

Long story short, I immigrated to Canada in 2008. I connected with our Burmese community church. It has become my family church, and I volunteered as a children’s minister for four years. At the same time, I worked full-time as a caregiver for special needs people.

Ups and Downs and Growth

I came from a Church of Christ background and studied Bible in a Baptist background. Further, I had no knowledge and experience in the work of the Holy Spirit in the early years of serving God. My walk with God had ups and downs, and I even quit on God for a time. I was away from church for two years.

However, God never gave up on me. On February 2, 2019, I attended a Pentecostal Women’s Conference. There I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit refreshed and strengthened my soul from that time, and my lifestyle changed. I returned to the Burmese church and served God as a children’s minister again. It has been six years of faithfully serving the Lord with my husband, a worship leader in the church.

Called to Shepherd

I have a vision for the next generations, and God called me to teach biblical parenting to families in the community. As a mother, I realized the critical role of being a mother. I experienced miracles and the impact of applying God’s grace and truth in my parenting journey. My walk with Holy Spirit in my parenting gives me the confidence to share and teach the Good News to other parents, especially mothers.

God opened the door for me to lead Bible studies in our women’s group while I also lead youth and children’s ministry in our church. My passion is to teach and guide families into God’s kingdom while raising godly children as signs and wonders to reveal the glory of God in this wicked world.

Biblical Knowledge and Training at CLI

One day, I was moved by the Holy Spirit. So many broken families in distress and helpless with thirsty souls are looking for God. However, the churches in our community fail to meet their needs. God’s love has been poured into my heart for my people. They are like sheep without a shepherd in a foreign land. Deep down in my heart, I knew God wanted me to step up to the next level from “feed my lambs” to “shepherd my sheep.” From children’s ministry to parents’ (adults’) ministry.

Willing to go with the Lord wherever He directs me, I know that, as Proverbs says, a desire without knowledge is no good. So here I am at Christian Leader Institute to enhance my biblical knowledge and training for ministry. I am very thankful that I found CLI. I believe God led me here for a purpose, and I am excited to get the training needed for the ministry.

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