Bible School For Housewives

Bible School For Housewives

God said He is looking for people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth; that is the mission of CLI, to equip people everywhere including housewives with the truth that can set people free.

CLI is perfect for housewives because it meets their ministry training needs while they meet their families needs:

What would make a Bible School for housewives a cut above the rest? A Bible School for Housewives needs the following characteristics:

1. Free:  In most cases a perfect Bible School for housewives would need to be free because there is usually little extra for ministry training.

2. High Quality:  Because of the responsibilities of running a home, a Bible school for housewives would need to be very beneficial to justify the use of precious time.

3. Flexible: Housewives need classes that can be flexible.   CLI ‘s online classes offer extra long semesters with less time constraints than normal schooling.

4. Fellowship: CLI has housewives around the world all studying with the same goal in mind, to train for ministry. A great Bible school For housewives would have lots of housewives in their student body.

5. Life Changing: The perfect Bible school for housewives would transform her life in the Holy Spirit so that she could impact her family members. The most important ministry leadership is the leadership she brings to her home.

Christian Leaders Institute is a Bible School for Housewives who are desperate for God. Thousands of mothers are taking courses and graduating from Christian Leaders Institute all around the world. This is a donation based education, with exceptional ministry training, a highly educated staff, and informative classes.

Here is the story of Veronica Mackay from Australia who picked Christian Leaders Institute as her Bible School For Housewives –

I am Veronica Mackay and I live in Australia.  I was born in 1980 in South Africa to a South African mother and an Rhodesian father. They have been married for forty years now and their love is still strong.  I got married in 1999 to Luke Mackay; what a journey we have had together.  Luke met Christ a year ago. The long journey to get him converted to Christianity was finally fulfilled. I thank Jesus every day for the miraculous changes I see in his life. God is love and with Him in our lives we have never been happier.  We are parents to Bianca, Branden, and Michael. I am a stay at home mom.

I have been going to church since I can remember. I was brought up in a Christian home and had parents who were happy with a loving marriage even though they were very poor. I got lost along my life’s path and turned to Satanism; eighteen years ago Jesus brought me out. He lifted me out of the dark places and brought me into His wonderful light.  I was water baptized in March 2014 and have felt like a new person. I see things differently and hear God whispering to me more than I use too.

It is easy to misunderstand some scriptures, but since joining CLI, I have had a better understanding of different subjects. God has also been revealing my calling to me which I am committed to. My ministry goal is to see many individuals repent and enter God’s kingdom. I also want to start a prayer conference to pray for people all over the world. I want to help others enter this wonderful journey that I am experiencing.

I currently live in Australia. We serve in our church and enjoy every moment of it, even just showing people to their seats. We will stay there until He decides to move us.  Growth is very important to us, we want to water the seeds God has planted in us. Our main dream is to reach out to anyone, anywhere and show them the love of God. We would also like to help kids in public schools by offering bible education to any who are interested for free. I see myself as a teacher/pastor.  I love everyone around me, even people who are not Christians. My husband has the same ministry dream; it is a blessing to have his support in this.

I am a stay at home mom so I can’t really attend an on campus bible education program.  The fact that CLI is an online bible college makes it possible for me to have a good quality bible education and still look after my baby. The fact that CLI is not a government accredited university is a bonus as well.  It means that I can spend less time on my study and still get the same vital information I need. I just want to know more about God’s word, how to understand it, and how to pass it on to others. We also really appreciate that CLI is a donation based education.

Please pray that the desire God has placed in our hearts will grow and that in our future ministry, we will always seek to glorify our heavenly Father. And that we will not seek our own gain. God is Awesome.

If you are a housewife desperate for God, who is sensing the call to receive ministry training, just give Christian Leaders Institute a try. Its free and it’s there to feed your soul and bless your life! Note: Read more stories on our Facebook page. It has many stories of other women who are in Christian Leaders Institute a Bible School For Housewives.

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