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My name is James Griffin, I was born in 1979 in Dublin, Ireland. Ireland was and is a predominately Roman-Catholic country. However, with the high levels of immigration during the economic boom, we’re now seeing a rise in other ministries, such as Born-Again Christians, Baptist, etc. As with the majority of Irish people, I was raised with the Lord in a large Roman Catholic family. I don’t have a set goal of where I want to go or how I’ll go forward with the ministry, or where my walk with God will lead. All I know for sure now is that the Lord is my guiding light and I want to go forward in His name and with His guidance.

I was born the middle child of five children with two older sisters and one younger brother and sister. Both my parents raised us the best they could in very difficult economic times. But what we lacked in material possessions, we received in love. I lost my father to heart failure six years ago, however, it was the death of my only brother, John, by suicide in October 2013 that began my true walk with God. My brother John’s death ripped my soul apart. I was in deep grief with post-traumatic stress, fragmented amnesia, and demonic attacks. Finally, after six months of heart and soul destroying grief, an uninvited but welcoming spiritual awakening eased and finally lifted me up. 

I truly believe that the Lord saved me from death’s door and the gates of hell, and that I’m here today because the Lord heard my cries and saved me so that I may walk the path He has chosen for me. A local pastor in Dublin inspired me to answer the Lord’s call and pursue my ministry, living the rest of my life saving souls and serving the Lord as He serves us all.

This free organization is an amazing gift for me due to my financial situation and truly is the only way to pursue my path right now. I hope to be in a position in the future to donate for my brothers and sisters who seek to work for and serve our Lord. (Matthew 9:37) “Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.’ “

I would be grateful if you could all pray, not just for me, but for all who are finding their way to the Lord and all who seek to make this a better world. I believe the best way to save many souls is simply this: one soul at a time!