better equipped for my calling

Hello, my name is Natasha Wilson from the United States of America. Wanting to be better equipped for my calling, I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible and ministry classes online, Click Here).

A follower of Jesus Christ, I am a single mom of two daughters. One is a pre-schooler, and the other is twenty-two years older and married. They live nearby, and I’m blessed to also be a part-time caregiver for my grandson. We live in the heart of agriculture in rural Kansas; the livestock population is greater than that of humans, being under 1,000. The nearest urban area and university are over 150 miles away, so online learning is my only option at this point in my life. Three years ago, I moved to a small farm. The good Lord started teaching me about farming, cultivating the soil, planting and nurturing seeds, and managing weeds. I’ve learned gardens and hearts have much in common!

My Spiritual Journey

Although I grew up in this county, leaving for college and a ten-year travel nursing career, I knew little about farming. Growing up, farming was the way of life for my family, but Christianity was not. Neither faith nor religion was a priority for my mom and dad. However, I have wonderful grandparents that took us to church. We attended a denominational church and Sunday school throughout my elementary school years. I knew all the Bible stories and was confirmed in the faith in junior high. Although I caught glimpses of faith and farming from my family, I lacked understanding and a relationship with God. I knew about God and Jesus, but I didn’t know them.

My parents divorced within a year of moving from the family farm into town. Those significant life changes and the influences of town piled rocks on top of my heart’s hard, untended soil. As a preteen and teen, a rebellion was the only thing that sprouted in my life. I endured much trauma during those years, through which God was always drawing me near to Him.

In my mid-twenties, God softened my heart. Walking through some consequences of my sin led me to the cross during a Christmas Eve service. Alone, in the last row of the church I grew up in, Jesus spoke into my life. I asked Him into my heart. I quickly found tv preachers, their workbooks, and a deep love for God’s Word. Jesus planted the seed of forgiveness and began plowing up the rocks in my heart. Forgiveness of others sprouted, and I was released from so much bondage by giving others what I had been given.

More Struggle and Surrender

However, my faith blossom quickly wilted and faded away as the soil of my heart remained shallow from the lack of a home church and poor theology. There were many dark years of worldly weeds choking out any new seeds that emerged in periods of surrender, obedience, and a better church. There were big thorns of addiction, loss, divorce, and disability. Yet, I had not let Jesus uproot them.

However, He was there through those dark years, tending the soil of my heart, ever so patient with me, faithfully interceding for and protecting me until I came to a saving faith in Him. I had to sink to great depths of addiction and every immoral thing that comes with it to know the depths of His love and the magnitude of His sacrifice for me on that cross. Jesus became my Savior and the Lord of my life in the fall of 2016. He authentically met me, lifted me out of the pit, and promised to help as I followed Him. So, I did and will every day because of Jesus. He delivered me, healed me, redeemed me, and restored me. He longs to do that in every heart. So, I ask, “How can I help, Lord? Teach me to be a farmer.”

Better Equipped for God’s Calling

Good seeds from a grace-filled and Biblically sound church befall soil nurtured by daily devotion to God in scripture and prayer. Seeds of Godly mentors, fellowship, small groups, and Bible studies are sprouting fruit. I thank God for the 30-fold I see in the lives of my believing children, restored relationships, the kingdom service I currently get to do, and the new dreams I have. I’m yearning to give God 100-fold.

Therefore, I am here at Christian Leaders Institute. I want to be better equipped for wherever God is calling me and to bring God glory for my redeemed and restored life. CLI allows me to explore how I can best minister to His people, as traditional college is financially out of reach. I’ve put this dream on hold due to the budget for too long. I am so grateful to have found CLI and for the donors that make free courses possible. I am excited to be better equipped for God’s calling to ministry! May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus be with you all!

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