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Christian Basics Award

The Christian Basics Award is the second level of award that is available to students at Christian Leaders Institute. This is a two-part course consisting of  Christian Leaders Connections Course (3 Credits) and Christian Basics (3 Credits).  The Christian Basics Award covers the essential elements of Christian beliefs and of living out a personal walk with God.

This Christian Basics Award opens up the door for getting ordained as a Deacon Minister. You must get this award before you are able to enroll in the Deacon Minister Course. This course is a one credit course that requires that you submit three recomendations.

Christian Leaders Basics Certificate

Step one: Enroll in the Admissions Course. 

The admissions course takes less than 2 hours and opens the door to all the courses at Christian Leaders Institute.

 Step Two: Christian Leaders Connections (3 Credits)

The Christian Leaders Connection Course is the ministry orientation course at Christian Leaders Institute. The advantage of taking this course is that all the quizes for this course can be taken more than once. We do this so you can get the hang of our testing approach. This course also grounds you in a walk with God and explores many ministry issues.

After you complete this course you receive your Connection Award, your first award level at Christian Leaders Institute.

Step Three: Christian Basics (3 Credits)

The Christian Basics Course is essential Christian Theology. You will cover the essential teachings of Christianity that have been handed down. The Christian Basics Course will take give you the 30 thousand foot level knowledge of Christianity.

The Benefits of the Christian Basics Award for different journeys. Does this fit your situtation?” This award:

  • Allows you to enroll in the Deacon Minister Ordination Course.
  • Educates you as a new or renewed Christian who senses the calling for ministry.
  • Gives you basic Christian minsistry training if you are a local leader at a local chruch.
  • Teaches you as a homeschool high school student the basics of ministry and Christianity.
  • Launches you in the foundational insights that will guide you through advanced study at Christian Leaders Institute.