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Mission Haiti: Guy-Francois Norcilus

Mission Haiti: Guy-Francois Norcilus is drawn to Mission Haiti. Haiti is still recovering from the devastating natural disaster that claimed more then 100,000 lives. Guy opens about his faith and life. “I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ who is die for Our Sins. My name is Guy-Francois Norcilus. I am  from […]

Biblical Counseling: Laurence Rector of USA

  Biblical Counseling: The need for Biblical Counseling has hit an all time high. CBS news reports that the United States has the highest amount of illegal drug use in the entire world. Laurence starts out by telling us about himself and his mission. “My name is Laurence Rector, and I am a Christian living […]

Online Ministry Institute: Linda Cooke of USA

Online Ministry Institute: The internet has allowed Linda to get ministry training through an Online Ministry Institute. Since the inception of Christianity, the training of quality Christian Leaders had to be done by physically sitting in the same room as the one doing teaching. Thanks to an Online Ministry Institute, that has changed. Linda, (a student at […]

Evangelistic Ministry: Sharon Peterson of USA

Evangelistic Ministry: Sharon Peterson of Georgia, US finds her way to Christian Leaders Institute, an Online Ministry Training organization. She has a passion for Evangelic Ministry and sees that CLI is the best route for her. USA today writes about how Christianity isn’t dying, its becoming more clarified. People like Sharon are on the front […]

Youth Ministry: Keith Millership of Canada

Youth Ministry in Canada takes on youth substance abuse. An online Rehab Advice Center reported that drug usage tends to start around the mid teen years.  Pastor Keith Millership talks about his pasion for reaching these lost souls in his Youth Ministry for Canada. A Man of God is Mobilized for Youth Ministry “My name is Pastor Keith […]

Mission South Africa: Thabo Jacob Keele

Mission South Africa: South Africa student Rev. Thabo Keele ministers in a land where Christianity is the majority faith. In fact, mission South Africa is helped by the fact that the constitution of South Africa allows for the freedom of religion. Mission South Africa is not easy. Rev. Keele writes, “This area was recently attacked by […]

Youth Ministry: Casey Biederman of America

Youth Ministry: God is raising up local missionaries for mission America.  Casey Biederman has finished her Christian Basics Certificate and now she is continuing her studies for more advance training at Christian Leaders Institute. Youth Ministry is Her Next Step Casey writes, “I live in the United States, I want to reach out to the […]

Outside Textbooks for Many Ministry Classes Not Needed

Christian Leaders Institute is developing a ministry training program where textbooks are not required. We are offering more and more classes where all materials are in a digital format.  Our goal is to eventually have all our courses with the resources necessary contained on the web. 1. Christian Basics Certificate (7 Credits) Outside Textbooks Are […]

Lay Leadership Starts Revivals and Spreads Christianity!

The professional clergy are not the only ones who start revivals.  Many revivals began with lay leadership.  Lay leadership played a pivotal role in spiritual revivals in American history.  Christian Leaders Institute is developing a new course called, “Evangelistic Missiology.” Dr. Bruce Ballast’s book, “Ordinary People – Extraordinary Things – How God Brings Revival”  highlights impact […]

Seminary Online Makes Sense

Seminary Online Benefits 1. Seminary Training Without Uprooting Seminary online makes it possible for students to be trained effectively and quickly without relocating. They can keep their job while they prepare for ministry, and they can remain in their community. This is especially strategic for people 30 years old and older seeking a path toward […]


Virtual Classroom Information When you study with CLI, your computer brings the classroom to you. Quicktime Adobe Flash Player Quicktime or Flash player will enable you to view video lectures during each course. Word Processor You need to have a word processor that can save documents in one of the following formats: Microsoft Word format […]

Ministry Training 3rd Semester 2014

Ministry Training  at Christian Leaders Institute for the third semester 2014 includes many classes for those accepted into our program. This ministry training begins with taking the Getting Started Class. This class lays a great foundation for your ministry training online. After you complete this class, you are invited to pursue your program of study in […]

Online Pastor Training – 2nd Semester

Online Pastor training at Christian Leaders Institute for the second semester 2013 includes 15 free seminary classes for those accepted into our program. This online pastor training begins with taking the Getting Started Class. This class lays a great foundation for your online pastor training. After you complete this class, you are invited to pursue your […]

Online Seminary Early Start Ministry Classes

Online Seminary Classes Online seminary classes are available to you tuition free. You will start with the “Getting Started Class.”  These classes officially begin next semester, but you can start them now. This gives you more time to complete your classes. These online seminary classes take your Bible School training right to your web connections. If […]