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Youth Ministry – Beth Clavette of USA

Youth Ministry: Beth Clavette has a goal of being part of a youth ministry. She shares her journey and challenges she faces in becoming part of a youth ministry. “Grace from the Father and may He bless CLI! My name is Beth Clavette and I was born at Camp Le Jeaune, North Carolina. My biological […]

Ministry Calling: Denise Anderson

Ministry Calling: Denise has a Ministry Calling . Denise starts by sharing why she has Ministry Calling. “My name is Denise Anderson and I am actively taking courses with “The Christian Leaders Institute” and I am thankful to have this great opportunity here in the United States. In the country in which I am living […]

Couples in Ministry: Simone James

Couples in Ministry: Simone is part of the Couples in Ministry movement. She knows that a strong Marriage will help her succeed like other Couples in Ministry. She starts by sharing her journey to study as Couples in Ministry. “Hello, my name is Simone James. I am a 22 years old.  How I came to know the […]

Nigeria Ministry – Adedeji Adewunmi

Nigeria Ministry – Adedeji Adewunmi wants to make an impact for Nigeria Ministry. He starts by talking about some of his background in Nigeria Ministry. “My name is adedeji adewunmi, I am from Nigeria,I  am from a family of four. Having a ministry in my country is not bad. This is because my country is a […]

United Assemblies Church Naboth Machadu of South Africa

United Assemblies Church: Naboth Machadu is the founder of the United Assemblies Church. He starts by giving some background on the United Assemblies Church. “Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a Zimbabwean born currently residing in South Africa. I am a the Founder of a Church registered as a non profit making […]

Church Planter – Christopher Karper of USA

Church Planter: Christopher Karper is a Church Planter. He is part of the wave of urban missionaries who have decided to become a Church Planter. He begins by sharing about his walk and life. “My name is Pastor Christopher Karper, and I live in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania in the United States Of America. I came to […]

Study Theology: Lionel Marcel Bernatchez of Canada

Study Theology: Lionel Marcel Bernatchez didn’t Study Theology at first. He started to study a different topic. He starts by giving some background on himself. “Hello My name is Lionel marcel Bernatchez. I am from canada and I am 25 year old. I am in the city of new brunswick canada in a town call Campbellton.” Lionel had a dream […]

Mission Latin America: Willahar Mahecha Bolanos of Colombia

Mission Latin America: Willahar has a plan for Mission Latin America. He starts by talking about Mission Latin America. “Brothers and Sisters in Christ: May God bless all of you now and forever. My name is Willahar, I am living in Bogota Colombia. This is our capital city with around ten million people. I am a member of […]

Mission Ethiopia: Messay Fantahun

Mission Ethiopia – There was a famine in Ethiopia in the last two decades. News Agencies reported on famine and mass starvation in Ethiopia. In this 2004 article, One New Agency reported, “The symptoms are severely wasted or marasmic children with oedema or swelling of both feet caused by fluid and sodium retention. This is […]

Mission Ghana: Michael Gyekye of Ghana

Mission Ghana: Michael starts out by talking about the great need for Mission Ghana in his homeland. “I come from Ghana, located in the western part of Africa. Africans, I can say are very religious, but some are yet to discover the true God and the true religion. Where I come from many are involved […]

Ministry calling: Chrison Feliciano

Ministry Calling: Chrision Felicano has a Ministry Calling in his life. Chrison comes from a family that has experience a Ministry Calling. He starts by talking about his journey and Ministry Calling. “I’m Chrison S. Feliciano, 22 years of age from the Philippines. Basically, I grew up attending an independent evangelical methodist church. It’s the […]

Womens Ministry: Jacquelyn Bjorkman of USA

Womens Ministry: Jacquelyn loves being a part of Womens Ministry. You can see right from the start that Womens Ministry is her passion. “I live in the United States. Being a part of Womens Ministry in U.S has been wonderful.   There are so many women seeking a closer relationship with the Lord and are working to […]

Youth Pastor: Gary Jung

Youth Pastor: Gary Jung has a passion for serving the youth of his area. He knows being a Youth Pastor is the best way to impact their lives. He starts by giving us a background about himself and his journey to becoming a Youth Pastor. “My name is Gary Jung. I live, work, and serve […]

Pastor Training: Ebiama Destiny of Nigeria

Pastor Training: Ebaiama Destiny is a pastor training to help preach to his fellow countrymen. He starts by talking about himself and Pastor Training. “My name is Ebiama Destiny I presently live in Nigeria with my wife and three children. Nigeria is christianity leading country with large population of its citizens as christians. Ministry walk […]

Hispanic Ministry: Rosa Margarita Soto of USA

  Hispanic Ministry: Rosa Margarita Soto shares her journey into Hispanic Ministry. She starts by giving us some background on her life. “My name is Rosa Margarita Soto (Rosa M Soto). I am Puerto Rican, born in San Juan, PR, but I have lived in the United States of America since I was about 3-4 […]