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Preach the Gospel – Mark Culpepper of USA

Preach the Gospel – Mark Culpepper is using his training from Christian Leaders Institue to go out and Preach the Gospel. Read about his passion for the Lord. “I live in the United States and to Preach the Gospel  in this country is getting harder there are many ministries out there preaching the word. Yet there are […]

Chaplain Training – Frank Fablo of USA

Chaplain Training – Frank Fablo wants to get his Chaplain Training from Christian Leaders Institute. Read about his story and journey below. “I live in the United States of America.  I currently reside in Ocala, Florida.  It’s exciting to be back to Chaplain Training again.  Even though I live in a country that was based on Christian principles, I […]

Christian Ministry – Lorraine Richardson of USA

Christian Ministry – Lorraine is involved in Christian Ministry in her state of Georgia. She shares about her walk and journey to Christ and passion for Christian Ministry. “My name is Lorraine Richardson I am an ordained Pastor in Snellville Ga. Working in the Christian ministry here in Georgia is very challenging. There are many Christian Ministries and Churches here. […]

Online Bible College – Nathaniel Quartey of Ghana

Online Bible College – Quartey of Ghana has chosen Christian Leaders Institue to be his Online Bible College. He knows CLI is he best option for an Online Bible College because of his location. He shares a bit of his background and journey in his ministry. “Hello, my name is Nathaniel Quartey and I’m from Accra, Ghana. It’s […]

Church Planting – Isaac Tetteh Juddah of Ghana

Church Planting –  Isaac Tetteh Juddah of Ghana has been called by God to participate in Church Planting. His testimony tells of his journey and challenges he faces on the road of Church Planting. “I first pursued a certificate in Pastoral Ministry in Sept., 2001. I just completed B.A (Psychology) at University Of Ghana. I […]

Campus Crusade for Christ – Maurice Agunda of Kenya

Campus Crusade for Christ – Maurice Agunda of Kenya came to know the Lord through Campus Crusade for Christ. As a young orphan, Maurice needed a Savior. Campus Crusade for Christ reached Maurice. He shares his story and family struggle below. “I am the third born in a family of four. I lost my parents when I was very […]

Nigeria Ministry – Joshua Adedipe of Nigeria

Nigeria Ministry – Adedeji Adewunmi wants to make an difference for Nigeria Ministry. Joshua Adedipe has a heart for the people of Nigeria. He knows God can use him as a missionary it impact for Nigeria Ministry. He starts by talking about some of his need for education for Nigeria Ministry. “I am JOSHUA A. ADEDIPE, am […]

Mission Pakistan – Training the Persectuted

Mission Pakistan – While Christians celebrate Christmas every December 25, believers in Christ living in Pakistan face persecution or discrimination. Mission Pakistan must thrive with little direct mission support from outside believers.  The Pakistani government frowns on outside help for the church. Still Christian Leaders Institute is able to bring advance training to indigenous missionaries. […]

Christian Mentoring – Ronald Miller of USA

Christian Mentoring – Ronald Miller wants to be a part of Christian Mentoring in his Church. He starts his testimony by giving some background in his life or Christian Mentoring over seas. “I currently live in the USA, although I make occaisional trips to check on ministries in India that our church supports. In India […]

Know the Bible – David Peterson Of USA

Know the Bible – Christian Leaders institute offers over 2o advanced Bible Courses and various Bible certificate and diploma levels. God is raising up lay leaders to know the Bible. David Petersen has a strong desire to know the Bible. He starts by sharing about his life and journey to know the Bible. “My name […]

Mission Georgia – Johan Labuschagne of Georgia

Mission Georgia – Johan is all in for Mission Georgia. He sees the desperate need for the Lord in his Country of Georgia. He starts out with a broad discussion of his involvement with Mission Georgia. “My name is Johan Labuschagne married to Marina and we live in the Republic of Georgia. We registered the […]

Mission South Africa – Thembelihle Grasia Keele

Mission South Africa: Thembelihle believes in the cause for mission South Africa. She start by sharing about the tremendous need for mission South Africa. “Greetings brethren in the wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus christ Amen. My name Thembelihle Grasia Keele, I’m born in South Africa and also staying in South Africa. God has blessed this country […]

Relationship with God: Laura Aarts of Netherlands

Relationship with God: Laura has a Relationship with God. She starts her story by giving some background for her life and how she got aRelationship with God. “I live in the Netherlands, in a city called Breda. God has called me to be here to serve Him, and the wonderful people of Holland.  Most of […]

Mission Zimbabwe – Peter Nyakudya of Zimbabwe

Mission Zimbabwe: The African continent is an area of great need for the gospel in the world. Mission Zimbabwe has a speficic challenge that is unique in the ministry world. The people of  Zimbabwe are very literate which requires a high level of biblical understanding to effectively share his word. Peter Nyakudya starts his story by sharing […]