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God’s Transforming Power

God’s Transforming Power My name is Kristine. I have much to share about myself. Hopefully, what I am sharing glorifies God and how incredible God’s transformational power and grace is upon His children. It starts with my experience of what my life was like before I knew the Lord, my process, and who I am […]

Hayward’s Ministry Calling

Hayward’s Ministry Calling Journey My name is Hayward, and I want to share Hayward’s ministry calling. I live in Detroit, with my wife Theresa of 33 years. My calling began when I was eight years of age. My pastor told me that I would make a great preacher someday because I had a way of […]

Mexico Mission Ministry

Mexico Mission Ministry My name is Margaret Padilla, born in Yuma, AZ and now live in California. Mother, a Hispanic woman originally from Oaxaca, MX, and my father, German Irish from Indiana, USA. My father for a time was a deacon in a church before he ran astray. To this day, my uncle from my […]

Life Coach Ministry

Life Coach Ministry My name is Thomas Moore, and I am called to Life Coach Ministry. Let me tell you why. I live in Rochester, New Hampshire (USA), a city of approximately 31,000 people in 46 square miles. There are about 26 churches. Rochester has a history of factories to employ the local and surrounding […]

Sharing God’s Love

Studying at CLI and Sharing God’s Love My name is Kendra Franklin, and I have a call to be sharing God’s love. I am originally from Baton Rouge, LA. However, I currently live in the Austin, Texas, area. I love it here because you are free to be who you are. That is the source […]

Youth Ministry Christian Leader

Youth Ministry Christian Leader My name is Rob Yates, and I am from Greensboro, North Carolina, in the United States of America. Currently, I am continuing my education at Christian Leaders Institute and hope to become a Youth Ministry Christian leader. My calling is leading teenagers to the Lord. I have always felt a need […]