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Kenyan Small Group Minister

Kenyan Small Group Minister My name is Isaiah Githinji and I feel called to be a Kenyan small group minister. I am a Kenyan citizen and a born again and committed Christian. I am married and together we have a 2-year-old daughter. I grew up in a Christian family and came to know the Lord […]

Youth Minister Education

Youth Minister Education My name is Loretta Evans. I am receiving a free Youth Minister education at Christain Leaders Insitute. I live in Saint Petersburg, Florida, in the United States of America. I was born to Bennie and Lois Peterson. My mom passed away on Christmas day in 1978. My dad passed away a month ago on April […]

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Solid Ministry Training My name is Kyle Taylor, and I am a Christian, husband, and local church worship leader. We have lived in Monroe, Michigan since 2016 and love enjoying the community, music, volunteering, and supporting local businesses. As an occupation, I work full time as a retail pharmacy technician for a Michigan based company […]

Life Changing Ministry Education

Life Changing Ministry Education I am thankful to be involved with Christian Leaders Insitute and their life changing ministry education. For years growing up, I seemed to sense that something was different about me. Not until many years into my adult life, did I realize I was strangely different. I struggled with depression, anxiety, and low […]

Christian Education Journey

Christian Education Journey My name is Jamie Abiodun and I am on a Christian education journey at Christian Leaders Insitute. I live in Houston, Texas in the United States of America. I grew up in Libby, Montana. I have been married for twelve years to a wonderful man who loves Jesus Christ with every fiber […]

Bible Education Dream

Bible Education Dream My name is Tanaka Mudzimu and I have a Bible education dream. I am Zimbabwean. I’m currently in Northern Cyprus studying Social Work. Being away from home for almost 4 years has not been easy, but God has been teaching me a lot and I have found my Joy in the Lord. I […]

Quality Ministry Education

Quality Ministry Education My name is Roger Sigmon and I am receiving a quality ministry education at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in the beautiful state of Tennessee in the United States. I grew up in a home where my parents took me to church. Although raised in church, I never knew a relationship with […]

Degree Program Journey

Degree Program Journey My name is Kenny Sallee and I am on a degree program journey at Christian Leaders Institute. I’m known in the area where I live as Cap’n Kenny. My ancestral families are Native American (Cherokee) and European Immigrants (Swedish, English, and French). I am a descendant of a late 17th century French […]

Cross Making Ministry

Cross Making Ministry My name is Johnny Blackmon and I have a cross making ministry. I’m from Visalia, California. I’m the father of three amazing children, Cooper, Trinity, and Johnny. I’m currently working part-time as a Psychotherapist at a children’s clinic. I recently started working in ministry and love the ways God uses us to […]

Bible Training Opportunity

Bible Training Opportunity Hello! My name is Emily Beach and I have a free Bible training opportunity at Christian Leaders Institute. I was raised in Orlando, Florida, but currently, live in Jacksonville. I was raised by a Catholic mother and an atheist father. As you can imagine, the church wasn’t a huge part of my […]

Kazakhstan Ministry Training

Kazakhstan Ministry Training My name is Veronika and I am receiving Kazakhstan ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I am from Astana, Kazakhstan. The main two religions here are Islam and Russian Orthodox Christianity. We also have Catholic, Judaism, and other minor religions. By law, it is forbidden to preach in public places, only in […]

Manila Ministry Training

Manila Ministry Training It was the 21st of March in 1978 when I was born. My grandfather gave me the name Alberto Yusef Doca Jr. I’m the eldest son and 4th of the 9 siblings. I’m married to a beautiful lady named Chona and we’re gifted with two kids. We are living here in Manila and belong […]

Theology Degree Dream

Theology Degree Dream My name is Bree and I have a theology degree dream! I was born in Chicago, IL. I grew up on the West side and remember feeling the nudging of God as early as 9 years old. My grandmother always took me to church, so I was raised Baptist. At the age […]

Pastoring Ministry Call

Pastoring Ministry Call My name is Noah Carroll and I have a pastoring ministry call on my life. I’m a twenty-one year old from Richmond, VA in the United States of America. I grew up with loving Christian parents and attending church semi-frequently as a child. However, it wasn’t until I was fourteen years old […]