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Light Among The Darkness

Light Among The Darkness Living in Los Angeles is like living in constant spiritual warfare. Christians are a light among the darkness here. There is so much consistently fighting for our attention, it can very be difficult to find a place of solace where you can talk to God. I grew up in a suburban […]

Life in the Son

Life in the Son CLI student, Beth Stevenson, has realized her calling after running away from it for 15 years, Stevenson has started a ministry called Life in the Son. Read her story below: I am Beth Stevenson, I am from the United States, and I have lived here all of my life. I was […]

Church Planting in Liberia

Church Planting in Liberia CLI student, Jerome Allison is seeking ministry training because he feels the call to church planting in Liberia. Allison hasn’t had it easy he was raised in a home with two conflicting religions but he chose salvation. Read Allison’s story in his own words below: I was born and raised in […]

Further God’s Kingdom

Further God’s Kingdom CLI student, Jamie Kueker, has been beaten and broken down by the world but instead of becoming discouraged he has become determined to further God’s kingdom. Read Jamie’s story below: I live in Fairmont Minnesota. I am one of those guys that God has called to further his kingdom later in life. […]

Christian Recovery Ministry

Christian Recovery Ministry CLI student Lisa Smith has a visionary dream of starting a Christian recovery ministry where she can help her rural community struggling with tons of drug and alcohol addiction. Read her story below: My name is Lisa Smith, and I live in rural Western, NC – right in the heart of Southern […]

Path of Salvation

Path of Salvation CLI student Aquiles Pereyra has had a long journey in finding the path of salvation. He has faced many hardships along the way; he is fired up and ready to follow the path of salvation wholeheartedly. Read his story below: I was born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in Washington […]

His Healing Power

His Healing Power CLI Student Nassang Mimba has faced many challenges, but she has also experienced God’s healing power in her life. She is convicted to share about his healing power and saving grace everywhere. Read her story below: I am Nassang “Natty” Mimba; I am a contemporary gospel singer from Cameroon. I bless the LORD for […]

Learning to Minister

Learning to Minister CLI Student Leaha Brisbois is learning to minister by taking CLI classes. She wants to bring the peace of God as she learns to minister to others. My name is Leaha Brisbois. I live in the United States; Pacific Northwest area- specifically Washington State. Religious expression is a freedom that Americans are […]

Answering God’s Call

Answering God’s Call CLI student Rebecca Glenn is highly motivated to serve God despite challenges of being legally blind in her right eye. She is answering God’s call in her life by getting formal ministry training at CLI. Hi, my name is Rebecca Glenn. I live in a small city in Montgomery Alabama. I was […]

Youthful Passion for Christ

Youthful Passion for Christ CLI student, Sydney Simao, has been raised in the faith and at only 17 she is writing and public speaking about Christ. She has such youthful passion for Christ that you can feel by reading her testimony. Read her story below: My name is Sydney Simao and I’m a 17-year-old Christian […]

Inspiration for Ladies

Inspiration for Ladies CLI student, Shay, has known what its like to be bullied for her faith but she overcame the doubters and now wants to become an inspiration for ladies everywhere. Shay shares her story below: Hello! My name is Shay. I am a newly married and I am really enjoying being married to […]

Youth Pastoring – God had a plan!

Youth Pastoring My name is Adam Mack, and I live in Pennsylvania, the USA with a buddy and his family who are all a wonderful, loving Christian family who have helped me with my walk with God. I grew up living a secular lifestyle because my family were not believers. I have early memories of […]