Are you called to ministry? Is there a voice inside of you that you cannot ignore?

Do you have a call to serve Jesus Christ? Are you ready for ministry training to be confident and competent as a called Christian leader?

Here is something to consider!

Called Christian leaders are unique. Their motivation is a simple calling from God, where they are on this earth for a divine purpose.

Their drive comes from something not of this world. Called Christian leaders love God, the Father, and they believe in and worship His Son, Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead almost 2000 years ago. Their call is to preach the gospel and put everything on the line. They welcome the indwelling of the Holy Spirit!

Some wonder why Christian leaders are so driven. Some have risked their lives in the early days—many suffered martyr deaths. Today some still suffer persecution. Some Christian leaders have uprooted themselves and their families for a higher purpose. They have left good-paying jobs. They have also moved to lands far from their home to preach the gospel. Some died on their way to the mission field; others died while ministering. All felt the cost was worth it!

Christian leaders believe that one day Jesus will come back, maybe in their lifetime. They believe that love is the greatest. Christian leaders believe that even the most hardened sinners are reachable. They believe life is precious and all lives matter. Everyone has a unique voice. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in God’s sight.

Do you have a call to ministry?

If you are a called Christian leader who needs more tools to serve Christ, we offer free ministry training study scholarships for over 100 Bible-based courses that train you to be more effective as a Christian Leader.

This training will help you fulfill your purpose on this earth. You can earn free ministry credentials. You can also earn low-cost college credentials with the Christian Leaders College. There are licensed or ordained clergy programs with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

This training has gone out to 180 nations. Over 350,000 Christian leaders have signed up.

You will listen to lectures, study materials, and complete quizzes. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.

Sign up today for your study scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute.

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