Christian Leaders Institute Accreditation
by Henry Reyenga

Accrediting Rescources

Erica Ware is training to be a youth leader. Click here to read her story.

It was not long after CLI started in 2006 with six students that many asked. “Is CLI accredited?” I honestly wondered what that accreditation meant?

This is what I found out.

The History: Accreditation in the USA started in the late 19th century to assure that independent observers in education (peers of other like schools) checked in on each other to make sure that the quality of education was strong. Academic leaders of two or three schools evaluated the practice of other schools to certify that the education met certain standards.

Local states allowed these peer school to charter an educational non-profit made up of member schools to oversee this. Christian Leaders Institute is a member of one of these state-chartered organizations, called the International Association of Bible Schools and Seminaries. (IABCS)

In 1952, the United States Federal Government got involved to begin chartering peer organizations as well. This became increasingly important as tuition rates for education dramatically increased.

The USA federal government has oversight of the USA student loan program, and their leaders put in place standards that met the goals of doling out large amounts of student loans for American citizens. By the early 2000s, the understanding of “accreditation” meant connecting to the federal government program of accreditation. This was especially true because student loans are connected to schools in the federal program of peer school oversite.

Accreditation That Makes Sense For CLI

Christian Leaders Institute has no interest in being part of the Federal Government program. We are very interested in providing the best education possible for those called into ministry. We are contented to be accredited with the International Association of Bible Schools and Seminaries.

We are also a part of the ACEA, an organization founded by Dr. Peter Wagner. Our students do not need student loans in America or anywhere else, so we have no reason to have the USA federal government’s involvement with our school. If we did choose to have the federal government involved, we would have to significantly increase the cost of the education. We desire to keep CLI FREE!

Our goal is to develop this free model of high-quality ministry training. The quality of our education is supported by the fact that Western Theological Seminary, Calvin Theological Seminary, Northern Baptist Seminary and Vision International University will gladly accept students from CLI who apply and meet their standards.

The free model of quality ministry training does not have to be substandard or cheap. It just needs to be free! That is what we are attempting to do to serve a new generation of local Christian leaders who are prepared to bring revival to the world.